Purchasing seeds, fertilizer, and sprinkler for produce farm


Githurai 45, Kenya

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February 2015

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About Me

My name is Patrick.
My home town is the same as of our first and fourth presidents in the Republic of Kenya.
I am single and vegetables farmer.

I went to primary school but did not proceed with higher education due to financial constrains.

My people do subsistence farming but as for me, I had to make a living.

Without secondary education, I had to work extra hard and with my own hands earn my daily bread.
This was my passion to make my farming an income generating project.

I am a talented Keyboard player and I am actively involved in my church.

My Business

My business entails growing and selling fresh vegetables including: Onions, Spinach, Sukumawiki(Kales), corgets among others.

People love my products because they are fresh from the garden, grown with fresh water unlike many that are grown in sewer lines.

When I grew up I found this business is taking me well and I have continued to invest my time and resources in it.
My initial costs are:
>Buying seeds/seedlings
>Buying a delivery cart
>Constructing a display shed
All these would cost me USD 180 until maturity.
After selling I would get a profit of USD 100 which would be after 3 months in the garden.

The profit is what I live by. Paying rent, buying new seeds, and paying my part time music class.

Loan Proposal

When given the loan, I would invest to increase my production as follows:
1. Buy Overhead Sprinkler USD 30
2. Buy variety of seeds/seedling USD 25
3. Buy Fertilizers USD 30
4. Buy pesticides USD 5
5. Connect garden to water mains USD 10

It shall be a moment of great joy to me and my clients when this loan is funded.

Thank you team.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Feb 16, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

5 months

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  • Gerry    May 24, 2016

    Hi Patrick. Can we get an update on what is happening with your business?

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  • Gerry    Apr 11, 2016

    Good job on the payments. How is business going?

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  • Gerry    Feb 7, 2016

    Thanks for the communication Patrick. Keep pushing forward! God bless you and your work.

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  • Patrick    Feb 4, 2016

    Hi Team.

    Due to poor performance in Dec and Jan I have requested this lower instalment.

    But initial loan period will not t change because I will resume high instalments shortly.


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  • Patrick    Dec 7, 2015

    With low sales for the last 2 weeks I want to do a temporal downwards adjustment but this will not affect completion time.

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  • Gerry    Nov 11, 2015

    Keep up the good work Patrick!

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  • Patrick    Oct 7, 2015

    I have received the loan and setting out to purchase stock and implements to improve my vegetable business.

    Thank you Zidisha Team.

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  • Patrick    Oct 6, 2015

    My work in progress

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  • Patrick    Oct 3, 2015

    Thank you very much lender for your faith in me.

    With this loan I shall improve my vegetable production as follows:
    -Buy more seeds and fertilizers
    - Construct a selling shed
    -Buy a display mobile cart(wheel barrow) to transport to the market.

    I hope to increase well in my business.

    Thank you.

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  • Patrick    Sep 30, 2015

    Thank you,

    Thank you dear lenders for your continued support.

    I wish you all well.

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  • Patrick    Sep 24, 2015

    I was able to increase my production, grew more vegetables and bought an irrigation pipe.

    I am so excited to see a new level of my business and I look forward to growing more vegetables and reach out to more customers.

    Thank you Zidisha.

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  • Elijah    Jul 15, 2015

    Business doing good.

    This young man is doing wonders.

    He has increased his farming and opened an outlet to sell the vegetables.

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  • Patrick    Apr 1, 2015

    Thanx to lenders,i have been able to buy a 50kg D.A.P fertilizer n my greens r doing well.Thanx to Zidisha

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  • Fredrick    Mar 6, 2015

    Dear Member;
    I am grateful to serve you as Volunteer Mentor, I kindly remind you to make your repayment on time always in order to remain in good relationship with lenders and increase your credit limit as well as avoiding consequences resulting to repaying late or not repaying at all.

    Kindly comply. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to call my number.

    Fredrick Kamau
    (Volunteer Mentor)

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  • Fredrick    Feb 26, 2015

    Am happy for your progress so far. Wish all the best in your endeavors
    Fredrick Kamau
    (Volunteer Mentor)

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  • Patrick    Feb 16, 2015


    Now my vegetables business will grow high

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  • Patrick    Feb 16, 2015

    Its touching,

    Thank you lenders

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  • Patrick    Feb 13, 2015


    Tahnk you, Now I know, I can grow and impact my neighborhood with freshness.

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