Samuel Kuria

Nairobi, Kenya

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Samuel Kuria

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January 2014

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About Me

My names are Samuel Kuria Ndungu,37yrs of age, currently living in Embakasi Pipeline,Rehema flats A12 Outering road Nairobi. I am a Technician and work in town in a company called Selex international ltd repairing ICT equipments apart from that i rear Quails in Rongai and have a family farm in Kiambu that we produce farm products, I get a certain percentage of the profits, I started the Quails business last year to boost my income and help me achieve certain goals in life. Most of the earning I buy more quails and their food and fertilizer for the farm. I intend to start exporting the Quails to other countries and part of the loans would be used for that.

My Business

I get my source of income from three places, First i earn a steady income as a Technician,My newest investment is the Keeping of pigs, I get good returns from them i buy one piglet for USD 50 and sell them at USD 2.5 per KG. Most of them weigh above 75kgs giving me a total of USD 187 per pig.I also Rear Quails in Rongai where i have several of them and i do sell them prices ranging from USD 3.9-5.6 depending on the age. Also i get a percentage of profits from a family farm in Kiambu. On a good month i can get a profit of between USD 111-167

Loan Proposal

Hello Zidisha family, the purpose of the loan is to enable me buy piglets and start rearing them in our family farm in Kiambu County, Kenya. These will enable me have a variety of options in terms of my customer base. My Quail business is doing well at the moment helping me realize a profit of Kshs 10,000-15,000 thousand per month. Pig farming in Kenya has a good return of investment (ROI) ratio. A piglet goes for around Kshs 4,000 and would sell it for 15,000 kshs. The goodness with pigs is that you can reduce feeding cost as pigs feed almost everything including roughage, kitchen garbage, agricultural waste etc and most I can find in the farm; also you can start raising pigs with a very little investment. As pigs grow very fast, so i can turn my pig farm into a commercial stage within a very short time. With due time the farm will expand and I would be able to employ more people to help me in the running of the business thus creating employment and I would be able to impact on other peoples live and the story of how Zidisha helped me achieve my dreams would be echoed in many homes. I will also introduce them to Zidisha and it would help them succeed in life, it would be my dream come true when it blossoms into one of the biggest commercial pig farm in Kenya and also East Africa.






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Classic Loan

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Jan 23, 2014

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On Time

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2 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $149.05 at 5.52% annual rate over 2 months = $1.58

Service fee: $1.01



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