John Kirika

Miti Mingi, Nakuru., Kenya

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John Kirika

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November 2013

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290 installments  •  11%

About Me

My family and I live in Miti Mingi Location in Nakuru County. I have completed high school education and later joined and completed college. I loooked stable job but I did not secure one. Out of my small savings, I started a small business that involes things like internet solutions such as online filling of forms and so on. from the income I get, I hope I will soon expand the business so that it supports my family members and even employ others. my expansion plan includes things like buying another computer, a printer, a photocopying machine and other necessary accessories.

My Business

My business involves giving local vilagers services such as KRA Pin, Cyber service and internet solutions. Before I started the business, I had a dream to make a one-stop shop for things like printing services, photography, photocopying services and so on, that is where I am heading to even now until my dream comes true. The services I offer are not available in any other nearby and I almost enjoy monopoly. My business makes a net profit of 15000 a month and I plan to use this money to repay my loan.

Loan Proposal

Hello Zidisha lenders. I am quite grateful that I was approved as a new member. I am applying for KES 4266 loan. This amount will greatly help me to buy more print papers and photo papers at KES 2000 and 1200 respectively. I want to add more papers because December is the peak season for my small business. With your help, I am sure I will be able to satisfy more and more customers without failure. Thank you in advance.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Dec 6, 2013

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

10 months



Vienna, Austria


Steiermark, Austria


Oslo, Norway



seattle, United States



Tampa, United States


Sarasota, Fl, United States


Los Angeles, United States

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Feb 10, 2014


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Jan 23, 2014 $5.40 Jan 19, 2014 $5.40
Feb 23, 2014 $5.40 Jan 19, 2014 $0.13
Feb 10, 2014 $5.27
Mar 24, 2014 $5.40 Feb 10, 2014 $5.40
Apr 24, 2014 $5.40 Feb 10, 2014 $5.40
May 24, 2014 $5.40 Feb 10, 2014 $5.40
Jun 24, 2014 $5.40 Feb 10, 2014 $5.40
Jul 24, 2014 $5.40 Feb 10, 2014 $5.40
Aug 24, 2014 $5.40 Feb 10, 2014 $5.40
Sep 24, 2014 $5.40 Feb 10, 2014 $5.40
Oct 24, 2014 $5.40 Feb 10, 2014 $5.40