Help me buy more cereals and mosquito repellent spray


Bogoso, Ghana

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March 2022

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About Me

Am called Shadrach Offei I was born in the year 1994, in Bogoso town a mining community with full of Gold, I was the first child of three but we didn't enjoy life because my father died early so my mother used to work in neighers farms before we can eat as first child I have to stop schooling.

My Business

When life became difficult for my mother after the dead of my father I stopped school and joined a friend to small scale mining with the money I got from the mining, I opened a shop and I have been managing the shop for eight years now. I gets supplies from my neighborhood. With the money granted, I intends to purchase a tonne of rice, 20 containers of oil, and 20 bags of sugar. The earnings will be used to enhance my business and see my brothers through education.

Project Proposal

Am requesting va loan to buy cereals and Mosquito repellent spray. I intends to buy different varieties of cereals such as maize, sorghum, rice, wheat, barley, and millet to sell in the local market. The market for cereals is never a problem because the demand is always high, and I plans to take advantage of that. Because of the good relationship i has with my neighbours, I plans to increase my market by using word-of-mouth to reach more customers and markets. You can help me achieve my dreams with this loan, which will surely bring big profits.





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Pay It Forward

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Mar 22, 2022



Bogoso Adjeikrom, Ghana


Tarkwa, Ghana

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