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Joseph Kihara

Githurai Kimbo, Kenya

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Joseph Kihara

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January 2015

On-time repayments

69 installments  •  59%

About Me

I am a small businessman from the outskirts of Nairobi I grew up in a humble background where getting basic needs was a challenge my parents struggled raising six of us in a double room house we had to survive through thick and thin,going to school was also a challenge we walked long distances of more than five kilometers after school we were forced to help our parents with house chores because they would come home late and also tired,as a result evening studies were affected.I didn't perform well so I joined a low class high school where performance was also a challenge so after high school I was not able to join college so I was forced to do manual jobs where some of the amount I would pay fees for my juniors and other bills I decided to open a saving account in sacco where I saved for three year's to save capital to buy a public address system to be lending out.

My Business

As I said earlier I offer services through lending PA system to the public for a small price in occasions like weddings, preweddings,Birthday parties etc.The only challenge am getting is where I have got two occasion the same day since I have one set of the system I would like to buy another set to solve this problem which means I'll attract more jobs thus money flow would be constant and expand my business to neighbouring towns.Creating jobs opportunity for youths in our village will be a major achievement.

Loan Proposal

My business involves selling clothes for children and female hence demand for female clothes has gone up because of the establishment of university campus within the community thus I intend to buy one bail of female latest designs from Gikomba at $ 70 thus I request lenders to support me with $ 50 because the balance will be from my savings.

The new stock will enable my business to meet customers demand thus increase in profit which I anticipate to increase by approximately 60% . I will use the profit to expand my business as well as provide quality education for my 2 children.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Feb 17, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $50.19 at 7.70% annual rate over 6 months = $2.06

Service fee: $1.00




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