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Moses Marango

Nairobi, Kenya

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Moses Marango

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November 2018

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About Me

Thank you very much for the previous loan which I have already repaid in full and on time. As previously explained, I run a retail Wines & Spirits shop in Nairobi West shopping center. For the last 2 years, my business has been doing excellent. Because of the growing clientele, I need to increase my stock and indeed with more resources, open up another outlet in Lang'ata, Nairobi.

In the current shop, I have hired three people in total- two ladies and a gentleman. The ladies are the cashiers and the gentleman doubles up as the delivery man as well as security guy especially in the evenings.

We do both sit-ins and outside deliveries to the neighboring bars. I would like to increase my stock and in the next 6 months, be able to set up a new outlet in the busy Lang'ata area. My utmost wish is that Zidisha ultimately plays a part in my business expansion even as I purpose to hire more young people so as to help them improve their lives.

Kindly let me know what else you may need to help me achieve my dreams of growing my business and providing more employment opportunities to our youth.

Best of Regards.


My Business

More than two years ago, I started operating Russian Wines & Spirits where I engaged in buying and retailing different Wines and Spirits brands; both local and imported. Because my business is located right in the middle of about 15 bars and restaurants in total, there has been a great opportunity that we have fully exploited to attract these many customers patronizing the area.

The fact that traditionally bars retail their products at fairly higher prices relative to ours has been the very reason customers have been drawn into our business for affordable liquor quite in time before moving on to spend time in the bars for longer periods of time; ironically when already drunk from our shops.
This, as mentioned before has been enhanced by our large volume purchases direct from the manufacturers that have resulted in our access to great discounted rates. This discounted rates have proportionally been passed iver to our clients hence the ultimate loyalty on the basis of more pocket friendly rates and excellent customer service.

Inspired by this background, we want to increase our stock and supply lines to transition into both retail and wholesale. We hope Zidisha will be willing to partner with us even at this very defining moment as we embark on re-writing our business success story. Your help could be the very spark we needed to explode into our full potential as I am sure our performance in the future will attest to.

Best Regards.

Project Proposal

I run a car wash business in Kaiboi center, 22km from Mosoriot town, Nandi County. Because of the bad condition of the local access roads which are untarmacked and muddy whenever it rains, the most convenient and readily available means of transport are motorbikes.
I currently have an Incco, 1800watts car wash machine that seems to be overwhelmed during rainy season. This funding will go a lot Ng way in helping me source for an extra machine to meet the increasing demand.
With this new machine, I will be able to raise enough revenue daily and still save some after paying the loan commitment.
This way, I will also end up hiring more youths from the localities and in the process help them early an honest living.

For the last 7 weeks we have been operating, we get to wash between 17 and 40 motorbikes daily each charged at Kshs. 50/=, upto 5 sedans daily each charged at 150/= and tractors upto 4 in a day each charged 300/=. I am appealing for funding for me to procure a bigger machine that will help me meet my customers' expectations when needed





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Jun 10, 2022

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