Holticulture: water melon & tomato farming


Muguga, Kikuyu, Kenya

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I was born into a family of six being the second born after my sister who passed on 2 years ago. My dad was a driver and still is to date and my mum was a stay home mum who brought us in a church going tradition.Our child hood years were memorable and hard living in a slum area.over the years went thru schooling at times going to school bear footed. After high school went to college then later felt the call to ministry.it's been 17 years since I accepted God's call to ministry.Am married with two kids. Every day I wake up with a desire to be the best dad to my kids and husband to my wife.My daughter wants to be a lawyer and my son a leader in society.Joining Zidisha is one of the ways to provide to them a better future and I know it's possible.

My Business

Being a pastor i also have a responsibility to provide for the future of my family. After i got my first loan later i got land for hire as in my profile photo. I plan to plant water melon this coming season. Am able to alternate with tomatoes and water melon. An acre is able to give you more than 12 tonnes of water melon. An acre of land requires an investment of 1600 usd. This includes the cost of a generator to pump water from the river and the cost of piping. Am in partnership with a friend who has already a generator in place. i believe through this loan i can provide for my family and supply to the market which is a ready market.

Loan Proposal

With the loan amount, i have already leased 1 Acre piece of land for one year in a dry area but one that has a river that supplies water to the farmers for irrigation farming.I plan to plant water melons once the rains subside since right now we are experiencing heavy rains.The challenge is one of acquiring a generator for irrigation purposes, there is an option for hiring one before one manages to buy.A generator costs 500USD. water melon takes maximum of 3 months to mature with an acre giving you around 14 tonnes.
starting capital for the project is 300 USD. I will be greatfull if i would receive the loan for this project.With this project ongoing it will generate its own resource for other seasons.






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Classic Loan

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Dec 17, 2015

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2 months



Memphis, TN, United States

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