Scale for my recycling business

Emmanuel Yankyera

Accra, Ghana

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Emmanuel Yankyera


Accra, Ghana

On-time repayments

29 weekly installments  •  45%

About Me

Emmanuel Yankyera is my name I completely high school since 2015, due to financial aid I couldn't further up my education so I decided to setup my own business with has help me to take care of my wife and children i have one daughter call Abigail and I live with my wife in a small town am self employed I work from house to house I buy an old and unused item for recycling, I'm a hard worker I love what I do.

My Business

I started working from house to house for buying wasted plastic recycling, metal recycling, Glass recycling, paper recycling, and electronic recycling to earns an income from the collection of variety of materials for recycle. Recycling is one of the great way to recycle old items that usually end up in our trash bin I tend to think of recycling in terms of separating our items out and taking them or having them picked up and sent to a recycling center to be turned into something else. sometimes I normally walk around the environment to buy an old and unused item that can be easily recycled like,
1 plastic bags
2 milk cartons
3 plastic water bottles
4 empty ice cream container
5 empty roll on deodorant bottles
6 jeans you no longer wear
7 old clothing
8 clear plastic lids
9 food scraps
10 newspapers
11 junk mail
12 hair accessories
13 unused keys
14 aluminium foil
15 unneeded DVDs, CDs or Videotapes
16 unused cellphones
17 old wine corks
18 empty wet-wipe containers
19 old jars
20 jar and bottle lids
21 fallen branches
22 printer cartridges
23 old tires
24 bread bags
25 empty lip balm containers
26 glass jars
27 cardboard
28 bread ties
29 Egg cartons
30 toothbrush and toothpaste tubes
31 razors

Loan Proposal

I would use this fund to purchase a scale to expand my recycling business. Because in recycling business I need a scale to weight the recycling which I want to buy form the wasted

Income Source

In case of any risk I will tell my clients to help me by paying the loan. And as I have been working as a recycling business since 2016, so I have more experience in this business so I promise not to be find any problem. I have two sources of income
1. I have two cars which work for me every day
2. I have an apartment which I use to rent
So if I find any risk I will use my two sources of income to pay this loan.

My Videos

Jun 14, 2021: About zidisha loan






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Classic Loan

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Jun 18, 2021

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On Time

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1 week

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Service fee: $3.30

Credit risk payment: $9.91




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