I need the loan to add more refreshment drinks in my cyber cafe

Francis Kariuki

Ngata, Kenya

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Francis Kariuki

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February 2014

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190 installments  •  6%

About Me

My name is francis kariuki. I am 21 years old. I am the third born in our family. I have a passion for information technology (IT) which. I finished my secondary education in 2008 and managed good grade during which i went to offer my services in cyber cafe when i was free to learn more. In fact i discovered an opportunity to provide IT services in our area and started with my printing machine and a home computer. I received a lot of customers who needed these services and since not many people had little knowledge about computers, demand for my services expanded. This was just immediately after i finished high school. I was using my home computer and customers would come knocking at my door early in the morning for photocopy, printing or worked that needed to be typed and emailed. This was like a career that come knocking at my door and i felt joy to discover my career choice that earned me money even before i could open a cyber cafe. I got so curious that i bought programming books to learn more and so that i would on top of other competitors in the market. I had a colleague of my father who was an IT teacher and he offered to teach me at part time hours. My father paid for me to do a course in infromation technology and graduated in 2009 with a second class honours, upper division.
I opened a cyber cafe using my savings and borrowed loans and with my computer in Nakuru town. There was a remarkable demand rise for my services like sofware installation, wndows, installation of antivirus program and many others, internet services, photwocopy, typing and printing services. The never ending increased demand was a real motivation for me and some customers dropped in with demand for other services like mpesa agent, snacks. I opened an mpesa agency next to my cafe and employed someone to help me while i handled the cafe.
I have been operating both the cyber and the mpesa agency upto date. When i learned aboutbzidisha and the good things that it is doing for our community, i felt zidisha rather as part of a family. I woul like it to be my family and a friend in need while i pursue my career I feel very happy to share with you about my tribute.

My Business

I operate cyber cafe and an mpesa agency. My customers are usually students since there is college institution nearby. The business is growing very fast and i am worried my capital is not enough to provide all the items and services customers need. I face very litte competition since i was the one who launched it for the first time. I treat customers with courtesy and satisfaction which has attracted many of them prefering my cafe. I make good profit especially when colleges are in session. I make roughly Ksh. 7000 per day inclusive of cost of Ksh. 3000, that amount to around Ksh. 4000 as profit. The demand for computer services is acute and i am required to spent overtime hours to attend to my customers. This has forced me to employ someone to handle internet services and another provide computer expertise when i am on out-door business.
I have colleague for mpesa agency who makes sure that the transaction account are well kept and upto date. Mpesa makes around Ksh. 30000 per month as profit but is rising because incoming residents. There are other number of services that the customers want and i am worried i am unable to meet their target at the moment. That is why i am in need of zidisha.

Loan Proposal

I need the loan to buy four more computers for internet services. I need to stock my cyber with soft drinks for those customers to buy refreshment drinking when in cyber. I lso need to buy empty cds and dvds for sale and burning document. Cyber industry has many opportunties which bring on money and i want to open them. I am putting my trust in zidisha and i will reciprocate in the same manner





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Mar 11, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

44 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $149.87 at 8.20% annual rate over 44 months = $45.14

Service fee: $19.43



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