I want add 1 she-goat, feeds and drugs

Michael Thumbi

Kianjoya, Nakuru, Kenya

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Michael Thumbi

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September 2014

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About Me

My family and I live in kianjoya village, a place with moderate climate. I am a teacher by profession and I teach at Kianjoya Secondary school. I decided to start rearing of milk goats to increase my income so as to sustain my family. There are many advantages related to this business/project because i am able to educate my children, have enough milk for my family and sell a few litres to neighbours. I also sell young goats to new interested farmers at a profit and these goats are expensive. curretly, i have 7 mature goats and four young goats. during my free time i like playing table tennis and darts with my friends and colleagues.

My Business

My business is both a business and a family project where i rear milk goats primarily Toggenberg breed. They are not exactly pure breeds but they do well in the local climate relative to local indigenous breeds. I get 1 litre per goat although some times they produce more. I sell locall at Kshs. 40 per litre which translates to about Kshs. 4000 in a month. I also reduce costs of buying milk for the family which is a great advantage to me. I spend the money in buying feeds and drugs for the goats and the remaining i add to school fees for my children and their upkeep. If i get a loan, it would go a long way in improving this business which will in turn uplift my standard of living.

Loan Proposal

I want to add one she-goat which will mean a lot in my project because she-goat has the capacity to produce more goats and milk simultaneously. I hybrid she-goat with 70% toggenberg quality costs Kshs. 9000 including transportation. these goat are rare. With the loan, I will thus buy 1 goat and goat dairy feeds of 3000 plus drenching drugs which will ensure high quality sustenance of the animals. I expect that after three to five months, this one more goat will have reproduced and thus production of milk willl go up. I request zidisha lenders to assist me in this venture. Thankyou.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 2, 2014

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On Time

Projected term

8 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $149.55 at 2.70% annual rate over 1 month = $0.62

Service fee: $0.85



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