I want to introduce twigalick maziwa zaidi

Elizabeth Wanjiru

Mitimingi, Kenya

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Elizabeth Wanjiru

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August 2014

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About Me

i am a single lady aged 25 years old. i live in mitimingi. i completed my education on the year 2010 where i decided to put up my agrovet. it has been running very well such that my dreams is to expand it in order to creat employment and ensure that the residents of mitimingi are at ease of getting anything from the agrovet such as fertilizers, seeds, insecticides, herbicides including others. this will also help me learn more on how to learn an agrovet. once in lifetime my uncle had an agrovet and he used to teach me more and this made me desire to put up one. i thank God as my desire has come true. now i know that zidisha will help me expand my business. people thought that ladies cannot study veterinary services but i did and i have succeeded.

My Business

my business has been doing well but there has been a stiff competition. customers has also been congesting at my agrovet and thus i want to expand it. furthermore customers has been asking for some items which have been lacking but i have assured them that am now ready to have everything they need. seeing how zidisha has improved many businesses at mitimingi i therefore decide to also join it to improve mine too. its my prayer and hope that zidisha will make my dream come true hence that of expanding my agrovet. i have been earning more than kes 30,000 in a month. i now pray that due to support by zidisha i can make it to more than kes 100,000 in a month. there are some risks such as there might be a fire outbreak, sometimes lack of licence or lateness of repayment leading to closing up the agrovet. this business will probably help me be able to repay back the loan. if it sometimes fail, i save little money which will help me ensure that i have repaid the loan on time

Loan Proposal

my customers are asking for livestock salts at large numbers. i have promised them that soon they will get. i will use 20 US Dollars to buy the 50kilograms of normal livestock salt they normally buy since it is being bought much. further more i want also to use 30 US Dollars to buy 20kilograms of twigalick maziwa zaidi to satisfy the needs of my customers. after selling all these, am aiming to get a profit of 15 US Dollars. i kindly request lender to support me as this profit we help me introduce something else in my agrovet that my customers will request.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Sep 11, 2014

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On Time

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5 weeks




Vence, France



Republic of Korea



United States

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Oct 18, 2014


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