John Maina

Kiptangwanyi, Kenya

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John Maina

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October 2011

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About Me

I am married with four children who are all schooling. I live in Kiptangwanyi centre plot number 21 house number 2. I am a tenant in this plot. Kiptangwanyi centre is about 41km from Nakuru town. Matatus usually charge 200shs from Nakuru to Kiptangwanyi centre. The most recognized nearby centre is elementaita which is a colonial town and is about 11km from Kiptangwanyi. Once in Elementaita it is not difficult to reach Kiptangwanyi. I am not formally employed. this means that I have to work extra hard in this country of ours because life is very difficult here and one has to feed the children and meet all their basic needs. I therefore started a business of boda boda which i really on wholly to make ends meet for my family.

My Business

In the year 2005 I used my savings that i had been saving fro five years and I bought a motorcycle at 90000kswhich I used to transport people with in this area. being a remote area the business did not pick up well but later in the year 2007 things started picking on well. I used my savings from the motorcycle and managed to buy another motorcycle in the year 2010. the motorcycle cost me 95000ksh. I could not raise all the money and therefore i was assisted by my lending group which lend me 30000ksh. With the two motorcycles i managed to buy a mobile carwash. I use diesel to run the motor of the car wash. This has been a good move for me as I am now able to pay for my children's school fees. the main challenges that business faces are bad weather conditions especially rainfall which brings business to a stand still. other risks are fluctuating crude oil prices which affect the transport industry. currently i am using my earnings to expand my business and reach more customers as my services have been admired much by most of my customers.

Loan Proposal

I will use my loan to open a small shop that will be selling motorbike spareparts. This is because this area being remote, roads are very poor and therefore motorbikes breakdown each an every time and this means that their owners have to take them for repair. Since from kiptangwanyi to Nakuru is quite a distance and it is the only place where one can buy sparepart, it is therefore an opportunity for me to supply them with this spareparts.






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Classic Loan

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Oct 22, 2011

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On Time

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5 months

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Lender interest: $151.86 at 3.02% annual rate over 5 months = $1.91

Service fee: $2.61



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Mar 21, 2012


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