Vincent Kiplangat

Rongai, Kenya

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Vincent Kiplangat

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January 2013

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75 installments  •  25%

About Me

I was born in Rongai town and later traveled back to make village which is three kilometers from Rongai town,I joined my primary education at Gogar primary school where I graduated and joined Mamangina secondary school,I have been living with my two brothers nick and Dennis who are older than me,Rongai is good place in terms of ongoing business and upcoming business thus making it a place of profit and better life which enhances better living for both the youth and the elderly people,my family practice farming on small scale which is for food and the remaining part of the sowed food I sold for up keep of the family.the reason why I joined business was so that I could give a hand to my family in providing school fees for my step sister who is in secondary school which my parents where unable to do so because of low payment in there work place which made me give them a hand in making up for portion of school fees of my sister.before I started working my mum passed and made me to be the head of the family where I had to be the provider and also to take care of my family,with the job I have I have been able to cop up with life though I have to strive hard to be able to master other factors in life and propel my well being .i have had many challenges in life like living a life without help from other family member after my mum passed this has really made my life hard though I had no other option but to believe in my self and wake up and face life and start with the little I have to make a living out of it so that to be able to attain goals in I mentioned above though I graduated from Mamangina high school I had to start working because I had to also help my single parent in completing my fee areas which I had to pay so that to obtain my certificates this also made me to start working and generate income,I joined part time working in the school which helped in reducing the fee areas later I joined{ Bodaboda} transportation where I was hired before I got a permanent job this where I have been working till I finished paying my school fees areas,in Rongai many people indulge themselves in many businesses which are profitable and like I stated earlier that Rongai through the rising population and business merchants makes the town ideal for putting up business because through them businesses rises and demand for good increases thus making people of Rongai to put up business,though Rongai is a small town located along Nakuru Eldoret highway it has grown due to people uniting to put up businesses so that to earn a living,also farming though it is not that much profitable but helps in provision of food at home ,existences of companies also has made Rongai town a better place in terms of provision of jobs to youth like me .

My Business

I currently work in an M-pesa as an agent and part time I do work as a{ Boda boda} ,M-pesa is a business that allows customers to send and withdraw money anywhere from M-pesa agents countrywide,it is powered by Safaricom mobile network which enhance the availability of money to customers anywhere they are,M-pesa business has been the greatest help to people since customers only require there phones and there identity card so that to carry out transaction it has also made it easier for people not to carry cash and instead they deposit to there M-pesa account for security purpose,M-pesa is a profitable business and also through it simplicity in there terms to customers makes it a better business,many people in Kenya use M-pesa because of it security and fastness in services provision.As an agent M-pesa has been the main source of income and also has helped me to cop up with life which has made me a successful person ,due to it dependency to where it is located makes M-pesa is an active business with no competition,my M-pesa business is located in Rongai town where I carry out transactions in Rongai many people use M-pesa in carrying out there businesses in terms of money provision though also other networks in Kenya also money transaction via phones but M-pesa through its fastness and high technology has made it not compareable and far from comparison to other networks,problem encountered by M-pesa agents are minimal in that only few problems are encountered like electricity failures and also some times delay in transactions due to network overcrowding but M-pesa server ensure quick response to M-pesa services after failure that is why people do prefer M-pesa in money transaction, in other cases M-pesa also help Safaricom network customers to acquire help from agent instead of customers going to head office this also sweetens M-pesa work,M-pesa profit depends on the transaction that customers carry out per day this make an accurate payment for agents like me,M-pesa also ensures maximum security to customers information and transaction which makes M-pesa secure mode of transacting money via phone ,M-pesa has helped in providing good frequency of transactions compared to using banks in remote where you only uses your phone in transactions which reduces theft compared to banks. This factor that are mentioned above makes M-pesa not to get competition as to other modes of transactions my monthly payments do vary like I stated earlier because M-pesa depends on the amount of transactions an agents makes a day but monthly payments of four thousand shillings per month which helps me to build up my life as a successful person,M-pesa also through upgrading also helps agents in agents salary increase and through this upgrades made by Safaricom M-pesa server it makes this business profitable and mostly an accurate job to depend on.Also like I mentioned that I also work as{ Bodaboda}during my part time ,this help me to link up the two salaries so that to make a better salary at the end of the month,{Bodaboda} is a mode of transportation using motorbikes this helps me to run M-pesa smoothly because I also offer transport and those two business makes up for a good monthly salary.

Loan Proposal

I will uses the loan that I will get in expanding my M-pesa business by re-allocating some funds in buying and adding some few item that will boost my M-pesa business,the money that I will get will also help in safe running of the business ie: this business requires money so as to safely and smoothly go on ,I will add this money that I will get to my business and by doing so it will boost and create a self attractive nature to my customers ,I will also buy so items that will help in attract customers in my business such as new Safaricom Sim cards which is in demand in my business and also I will buy replacement kits which also will boost my business this item that I have named there before will make much profit by replacing old Sim cards an also by renewing lost or misplaced Sim cards,the remaining money that I will acquire from the loan given I will add to my M-pesa account so that I will have back up when ever ineed so as to keep the business on toe’s so that not to run short in running my business,M-pesa business will also be of great improvement in working funds such that I will not lack money to buy M-pesa kits and my customers will also not have to look else where for the things that I will buy using that loan that I will get,also I will replace some few item’s in my M-pesa shop which will also attract more customer’s for customers always request for better and secure way of sending money through out the country this will much create better advert to my business ,I will change the out look of my M-pesa shop by adding few advertising light which attracts customers to my business using the loan that I will get.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Apr 17, 2013

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On Time

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6 months




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