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Kisumu, Kenya

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December 2014

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About Me

I am a dad living with my family. I come from western Kenya and have a passion for commercial chicken rearing. I would like to partner with Zidisha to grow a business empire and improve my livelihood and that of my family. It is quite challenging here in Kenya to secure a good livelihood. The cost of living has increased while employers are not increasing their pay hence the need to think outside the box.
I want to secure a good education for my children and can not do that with my current income.
I gained interest in chicken from an early age and enjoy rearing them alot.
I intend to move to the next level apart from just rearing I want to start a hatchery.

My Business

Currently I have over fifty chicken but aim to have two hundred by the end of the year. Chicken meat is highly nutritious and their eggs sales assist in buying them some commercial feeds apart from the left overs i feed them with.
Chicken is a delicacy in my area so on high demand
The profits will be used for re investment and ultimately will expand to goat rearing.
I will repay the loan from sales of the grown birds which will happen fortnightly as they are of different ages.

Loan Proposal

Given the loan I will add five layers to my current stock. This means I can be able to get more eggs which will be regularly sold to start some earnings.
Proceeds from these sales will be initially used to immunize the chicken then be gradually buying more chicken. The more chicken the more the eggs translating to more income.
An indigenous egg sells at 0.13 dollars which translates to 1.3 dollars for 10 eggs. Hopefully I should be able to buy a layer per week and two layers weekly after two months. Also keep in mind that some chicken will be brooding and hatching. with this strategy I hope to reach a point whereby the increase will be exponential and I will be offsetting the birds regularly to maintain a threshold of 500 birds. This I hope will happen in my second year in business.
I pray to fulfill my vision.






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Classic Loan

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Dec 22, 2014

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On Time

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12 months



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