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Augustina Tabuaa

Berekum, Ghana

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Augustina Tabuaa

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September 2015

On-time repayments

148 installments  •  32%

About Me

I am Augustina Tabuaa,popularly known as "Akua Tabuaa" a 27year hard-working lady. I started my schooling at mpatasie presby primary "A" and complited junior secondary school at Berekum municipal council. I furthered my education at berekum senior high school. My days in school were not easy at all, at times I had to sell ice water and also work on other people's farm on weekends and holidays for money to assist my parents pay my fees. My siblings were eight,all schooling at the same time and my parents were cocaoa farmers and so they get money on srasons.
After my senior high education I decided to learn my current trade which is tailoring and now I own my shop at a very busy(movable area in my town.
I am married with two kids of my own and two adopted orphans. My husband was a government official but he lost his job recentely due to change of government. He is yet to find a job. This has false me to provide for the family. Things are really hard for me. The children in my area take delight in dreaming of becaming footballers in future. They do not see it as a mean of earning huge income only but also sees it as a religion and also as a mean of socialisation. Custums sach as taboos are well observed and recognise in my area here.

My Business

"HIS MAJESTY TAILORING SHOP" is the the name of my business. I sew all kinds of design and styles for both men and women. My handiwork works are extremely beautiful and so I have a lot of customers. My shop is located in a very movable area and so I get new customers every blessed day. Any customer who sews his or her design at my shop bring back his friends and family to saw their favourite designs too. I earn close to about 200 USD weekly and spend about 140 USD on my family since my husband lost his job.
My job is more profitable.
It is 100% oriented profit when I buy my own inventory like material to sew. It is about 65% profitable when customers bring their own materials for me to saw for them.
I will pay with my reserved profit every every week and on time if the loan is given to me.

Loan Proposal

I will use USD 68 (GHs 255) to buy african fabric materials to sew female clothings. USD 54 (GHs 200) will be used to purchase african fabric materials for male clothings . This will increase my profit of about 30% . The remaining USD 27 (GHs 100) will be used to support my child's fees payment. I hope my loan will be funded in time.
Thanks to the lenders and the entire zidisha team.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 6, 2016

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

4 months



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