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Berekum, Ghana

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April 2015

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About Me

My name is James Diawuo.I was born to mr. & Mrs Diawuo. They were basically farmers,i and have nothing to say when it comes to education and i have never step foot in school again. i was working for my uncle. I stopped that too and started retailing food.Ghana is a very nice place to live, it is unfortunate, the international media, which has a larger platform does not speak good about us, they always talk of the negative thing things, instead of seeing the good things here. we are very hospitable, kind, generous and well cultured. Most Ghanaians are very religious, the largest religion in Ghana is Christianity, we have the second largest been Moslem and others also being traditional

My Business

I sell daily consumables of food like tin tomatoes, rice, oil etc at a good position in Berekum. I have been selling this products for all the days of my life. i have a practical experience in doing this. The business is very good and i use to cater for my family with this business and my children are schooling with the help of this business. It is a good business and i never regret doing that business because people need it on daily basis. When i invest about $100, within a month, i can get a profit of about $60. i use the profit to cater for my wards at school and pay all my rent with the profit.

Loan Proposal

Thank you lenders for the help with my previous loans, am very grateful.
I will buy more groceries when i get the funding.people need this products on daily basis, it will help me to cater for my children fees,and take my cousin who is willing to school but the help is not there. I will invest $300 for oil, and the rest for for tin tomatoes and rice. Because i get profit . Thank you for reading and helping me.






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Classic Loan

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Apr 30, 2018

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On Time

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7 months




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