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Mary Gitagia

Kinoo, Kikuyu, Kenya

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Mary Gitagia

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August 2014

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252 installments  •  34%

About Me

Hallo, My name is Mary. I come from Kikuyu, Kenya. I am an entrepreneur, A mother of two beautiful girls, and very free spirited woman. I have studied up to Diploma level and i am a practising office administrator.
I am currently in the food business, i am a caterer but my focus is mostly on packing and selling of ready and pre cooked snacks. My company (yet to be Registered) is called Shishi Bites. Mostly i have come to specialize on my samosa and mostly Precooked Chicken samosa. My target clients are mostly family units but i am spreading my wings to reach commercial outlets.

The earnings from my business are put into good use within my family unit and also in building up our stick levels as well as finding new strategies to broaden our customer base.

Besides being my business, cooking is a passion for me too that i hold very dear to my heart. In my free time i like to read and spend time with the family. I like meeting new friends and i hope to make new friends and business associates on Zidisha. And if any of you have parties, please, i am the person to call!

My Business

My Business is one that does not go out of fashion and is also very very competitive. But, i offer different, while people go to restaurants to buy their snacks, i deliver them either fully cooked or just one step away from ready, making my clients work easier and saving them time and alot of costs.
The biggest setback i face currently, is trust, people are very sceptical about exploring new food vendors but once we gain their trust, then we are good to go. In a week i make an average of 120 dollars with the profit being about 50 to 60 dollars. I sell an average of about 300 samosa per week and with alot more in stock, will hope to go to at least 600 gradually.
My Business will pay off its Zidisha loan on its own.

Loan Proposal

The loan will be used to purchase all the raw materials used to make the samosa and the packaging materials. At this stage, there is not going to be a budget for much else because for everything else needed at this stage, the sales will generate their own income e.g adding variety to kind of snacks. This is what the loan will be used to purchase.

35 Dollars Flour Bales
30 Dollars Onions Bales
22 Dollars Packaging Materials
15 Dollars Spices
35 Dollars Meats (Chicken And Beef)
15 Dollars Fuel (Charcoal)

Based on this, the capacity to handle more orders will increase by around 50% and the business will manage to pay off its loan in record time. The business has been in operation for almost a year now and the only thing lacking to push it to greater heights is the lack of enough capital and Zidisha will play a big part in elevating us to where we belong.






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Classic Loan

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Sep 17, 2014

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On Time

Projected term

8 months




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Eugene, United States


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Sarasota, Fl, United States

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