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Saum Maina

Nairobi, Kenya

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Saum Maina

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June 2014

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About Me

I am Saum Wambui Maina, 31 yrs old and a single mother of two baby girls, aged 3 yrs and 1 yr respectively. I live in Zimmerman, 11 Kilometers away from the Nairobi city center. I have a diploma in Front Office Administration. Currently doing both network marketing and business in large scale, I used part of the first loan I got from Zidisha to secure a small store in Zimmerman where I store my goods awaiting supply. I have been traveling to upcountry in search for fresh green peas and seasonal fruits. During one of my trips to Machakos I fortunately met a group of youth who are into small scale farming. Due to my passion for farming, I did my research of the area and after talking to an agronomist I was advised that they are several cash crops that are doing well in this area. i.e Capsicums, Watermelons, Onions and Tomatoes.

My Business

My Fresh Green Peas supply business has grown and I now have weekly orders from fast food restaurants in Zimmerman, I also ventured into seasonal fruits especially oranges from Machakos, hence I travel to upcountry at least twice in a week in order to meet the demand. With the profit I have been making in my business I managed to lease 1 &1/2 acres piece of land at $136.36 per year in Machakos at a place called Wamunyu along River Athi , I have cultivated the land and I got a shamba boy who is taking care of the farm. I also do Network Marketing as a part timer with Social Biz Connect (Network Marketing Company) based in Nairobi. Below is the link with more details;
Having lost my Parents at a tender age, I found it important to join a sustainability team ‘The Green Team’ and we make a point to visiting the less fortunate in different children’s home at every first Saturday of the month.

Loan Proposal

After a thorough research and market survey I have chosen to farm tomatoes. When i get this loan, I’ll be in a position to buy equipment’s that will help me do irrigation farming. This includes a water pump costing $210.23, Irrigation pipes 3inch by 13m each costing $6.25 I’ll require 11 of these and 80gm of “Rio Grande” tomato seeds costing $145.45. Currently the market price for a Kg of tomatoes is $1.32. If I put my seeds on nursery beds by the beginning of September 2013, transplant them after 21-30days depending on maturity it will take three months before they are ready for harvest. This will be in January, 2015. Normally during this time of the year demand for tomatoes is on the higher side. With good agronomic practices an acre produces 35-50tons of tomatoes, harvesting for 3-5months. Hence I’ll be expecting not less than 65tons translating to $86,080.68. As for the fertilizers and pest side this will be catered for by my green peas and fruits supply business which will also help in repaying my loan. This will help me in contributing much in the sustainability program as well as sustain my family. I’ll also be able to take farming classes to aquire more knowledge, possibly buy a land of my own so that in future I can become an independent large scale farmer. Thanks to Zidisha team and the lenders.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Aug 25, 2014

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On Time

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18 months

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Lender interest: $450.57 at 4.67% annual rate over 18 months = $31.56

Service fee: $24.14

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