Kitchen gardens for vegetable farming

Margaret Julliet

Mombasa, Kenya

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Margaret Julliet

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July 2014

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About Me

About Me (2nd edition)
Who is Margaret Julliet Wambui (MJ)?

I am a single mother of two, who I dearly treasure – Andie (Senior Jewel - SJ) and Alain (Junior Jewel – JJ).

The two jewels give me the gist of fighting a winning battle in this life. Both of them aspire to be pilots and am out to support their dreams. As I fight the good fight of faith, my desire is to leave a worthwhile legacy for them and, I will not, for one repulse, give up the purpose that I resolved to effect. Yes, no chance, no destiny, no fate, will hinder my firm resolve as I am determined to reach beyond the eagle heights for their sake.

My career history
I was in the logistics industry for over 15 years, gaining a rich experience in management. I intend to apply the gained experience and knowledge in my new ventures.

My Business

I enjoy tendering my poultry made up of indigenous chicken. My dream of having my project being a household name still holds. There is no relenting, no matter what. I have not achieved my target but I will keep forging on until I reach my mark. The main challenge has been the lack of brooding within the flock. That is why I intend to get a kerosene incubator. This will facilitate constant hatching of chicks even when the hens do not brood.
With a healthy flock of KARI improved, there will be no struggle penetrating the market. I already have a ready market but I would like to venture further.

 My poultry basket currently carries 15 hens, 2 cockerels, and 50 chicks.
 The shop has a stock of around 25,000/= face value and fixed assets worth 25,000/=. These include the shop fixtures, the weighing tools, display box, and others
 A plot that is pending development measures 50x50m

Operations analysis
Average shop monthly sales - Kes50000/=
Average shop monthly expenses – Kes4000/= (Inclusive of the shop rent)
Average Household monthly expenses – Kes 6,000/=
Average monthly Poultry feed – Kes2000/=
(New) Online business Monthly income - 15,000/=
Farm produce (pumpkins) – 7,000/= (This year I planted butternuts which I believe will market better than the pumpkins)

Zidisha family
The Zidisha organization is well known to my family, and we are glad to be part of the family. We appreciate all the support and we have no words to say thanks to and the rest of the Zidisha team. Not to say the least, ALL the lenders who in the past have responded positively and timely at the time of the call. To all of you, let it be known that your support has had a great impact on our family.

Project Proposal

I would like to install 5 Kitchen gardens. The kitchen gardens are going for 3,500/=, inclusive of seedling and termite control solution.

The kitchen gardens will enable me to increase my vegetable productivity and enable me to participate effectively in the market.

Each kitchen garden is expected to yield 2,500/= per month from a ready market. With the proceeds, I intend to install more kitchen gardens.






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Oct 10, 2023



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