Lakarty popsicles(ramba ramba)

Lukula A. Katembe

Tanga, Tanzania

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Lukula A. Katembe

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August 2023

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3 installments  •  100%

About Me

my name is lukula A. Katembe; I am a small businessman, I am based in the business of making Ramba Ramba (popscles/ice lolly), from Muheza-Tanga district of Kicheba, I am married and I am the father of two children, both boys

My Business

I own a small Ramba Ramba popscles/ice-lolly business, which I sell at retail and distribute in the streets of Kicheba County and in primary and secondary schools that are found in Kicheba County.
This business is very popular with people of all ages and genders, but children from two years old and primary and secondary school students are my biggest customers.
I work with my friend whose job is to distribute popscles/ice lolly to customers using bicycles.
Our goal is to expand our business to meet the rapidly increasing needs of customers and to be at the level of many competitors, starting from the villages, districts and even outside the areas where I do this business.
our goal is to have a large specialized area to sell this product, so that it is available all the time, and add another four (04) employees to distribute the product and create jobs for others.

Project Proposal

I am engaged in the business of selling Ramba Ramba (popscles/ice lolly), at retail price.
this loan will be used to buy raw materials such as sugar, pumpkin, ghee, fresh cow's milk, powdered milk, flavors/flavors, corn starch, citric acid and CMC and color, all at a value of only $65 USD, This will help improve this business





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Pay It Forward

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Aug 30, 2023


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Rongai, Nakuru, Kenya

Peter Ojok

Kanyibok, Kenya

Benson Hongo

Nairobi, Kenya

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