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About Me

I am Nicholas Kirimi from Meru, Kenya. I was born and brought up in the rural suburbs of Meru. My parents were farmers who practiced both livestock and crop farming. They relied on our two dairy cattle and growing of various food crops such as Maize/Corn, Beans, Peas and other cereals as source of income for day to day sustenance and to fund our education (My 2 siblings and I). I went to a local public primary school for my primary education, passed well and enrolled into a Provincial Secondary School where I also managed to score university entry grades. I was admitted to pursue Civil Engineering Degree which I completed Successfully. I am now a Graduate Civil Engineer but currently not practicing professionally. Since Covid -19 Pandemic, Construction jobs have not been easy to come by. Since graduation, I was only engaged in short term contracts. Capital is lacking for a Construction Company Startup. Currently, I am engaged as a trainer at a local Technical Training Institute where I train and pass on my skills in Building Technology and Civil Engineering to the youth.

My Business

My business Idea is based on an opportunity I identified in my locality, there is a high demand for milk both locally and around the country. I intend to start up a Dairy farm. A farm with a production capacity of at least 500 liters a day. To get there, I have to begin small, and build up progressively to achieve my target.
Having been brought up in Dairy farming, I have the understanding of the dynamics such a venture. My parents did it as subsistence farming, but my focus here is to commercialize dairy farming into an enterprising farm/venture. I have done enough research and come up with a strategy that will guarantee my success.
I chose Dairy Farming because of several reasons:
i. I have an understanding in livestock rearing
ii. There is ample land available for plantation of fodder in the locality (through Lease and later Purchase)
iii. There is ready market for Milk; both residents and cooperatives. (Several Dairy Cooperatives have Set up in the area)
iv. It is a sustainable venture (Can be done for generations: demand for milk is not ending any soon, increased population growth has got this covered!)
v. Has Minimal Waste. (Aged cows can be sold for beef, manure can be sold to farmers as organic fertilizer, or setting up of biogas systems)

I have already begun with one heifer which I purchased last year. I also managed to build a temporary Zero Grazing Shelter. To fast track the process, I need an extra $1000 to purchase four Heifers of good dairy genetic traits. These five will produce Milk in 20–24 months. Using Artificial Insemination will help me increase their chances of giving birth to heifers and this would increase the herd size to around 10 cows in two years time. My target can be achieved by having at least 40 cows in the farm. Applying AI and advanced scientific methods of breeding can ensure achieving the 40 cow herd in 5 years since first breeding of the initial heifers.
This venture will create employment to many people (at least 10) when in full operation. This will have ripple effect in the lives of many others.
Currently, I am supporting 3 kids through school since they parents are not able to cater for them. I also have a young family to support. The success of this venture will mean that I can continue to support these kids as well as my family. Furthermore, I can reach out and assist other needy cases in the locality.

Project Proposal

With the funds raised here, I plan to Purchase a Heifer. This will Increase my herd to 2 Heifers. I plan to continue outsourcing more funds in order to achieve my target of a total of 5 heifers by the end of this year. With these, I will be on track towards achieving my dream of a minimum of 40 cows in 5 years, with a minimum production of 500 liters of milk per day.
Currently, the local dairy buys 1 liter of milk for Kes 60. The normal average is usually Kes 40 per liter. With an increase in herd size, I have larger economies of scale and therefore can lower my overhead costs.
This venture will create several job opportunities at different levels, both full time employees and casuals as it entails a wide range of activities. Additionally, setting up an exemplary Dairy farm in my locality will boost morale to many farmers in the area who wish to begin such a venture but lack the requisite knowledge and planning. I see my Laski Dairy Farm as an eye opener to many potential dairy farmers in my locality.
Being an ambitious, motivated, passionate enthusiast and a scholar means I am a high achiever and I always succeed in tasks I invest my time and will. I also fully understand the saying by Benjamin Franklin that, "By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In this context, I have done the necessary planning and will continue implementing my plan step by step and include professional consultancy where necessary to ensure the success of this project.





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Apr 20, 2023

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