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Disbursed Amount: $962.66
Date Disbursed: Jul 17, 2012
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 12 months
Cost of Loan: $56.50
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Lender Interest: $962.66 at 0.56% annual rate over 12 months = $5.69

Service Fee: $962.66 at 5% annual rate over 12 months = $50.81

Total Loan Cost:
$5.69 + $50.81 = $56.50

About Me

I have two wives, four children, and two nephews. I also took in two orphans, a boy and a girl. I live in TAKALEDOUGOU, a village located 15km from Banfora and 75km from Bobo Dioulasso. I like agriculture and raising cattle. I completed elementary school in Takaledougou and then Middle and High School in Banfora. I have a High School degree. I studied English with TARGET INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE. I received training to be a language tutor with the USA Peace Corps.

My Business

I produce and process manioc (Garri and Attieke). I cultivate manioc, process it, and use the residue to raise cattle such as pigs, goats, and sheep. I am currently producing very little so as to provide for the population and SNSOSUCO workers. Because of the quality of my product, I am considering large scale production to supply certain areas of Burkina and also Mali thanks to loyal customers of Dédougou. This project will help all manioc producers as well as cattle farmers. It will contribute to creating employment for some people from the village and will help fight against poverty and starvation. This center will also allow training producers and manioc processors. It will be profitable because the raw material is provided and processed by itself. The residue is also used for cattle-raising. The only difficulty is the mortality of the cattle. The required sum is 1.750.000fcfa for the purchase of an engine to mash the manioc, a press, and two sifters.
The unit’s revenue is estimated to a minimum of 150.000fcfa a month without taking into consideration the sale of the cattle and their waste.

Loan Proposal

The loan will be used to buy equipment for the processing of the manioc of both Garri and Attieke types. An engine to mash the manioc will be needed, and a press of average capacity that will also serve to press the paste resulting from the grinding. Finally a large sifter to sift the paste after having pressed it will be needed. This equipment is not really modern. Its purchase will be made in Ghana, the neighboring country, a few kilometers away from Banfora. The equipment will allow effective and massive production.

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About Me

J’ai deux femmes, quatre enfants, deux neveux. J’héberge aussi deux orphelins un garçon et une fille. Je réside à TAKALEDOUGOU, village situe à 15km de Banfora et 75 de Bobo Dioulasso. J’aime l’agriculture et l’élevage. J’ai fait mes études primaires à Takaledougou puis mes études secondaires à Banfora. J’ai un niveau terminal. J’ai étudié l’anglais avec TARGUET INTRENATINAL LANGUAGE. J’ai reçu une formation de tuteur de langue avec Peace corps des Etats Unis D’Amérique.

My Business

.J’exerce une fonction de production et de transformation de manioc ( Attieké et en Garri) Je cultive le manioc, je le transforme et j’utilise les résidus pour élever les animaux tel que les porcs, les chèvres et moutons. Je fais présentement une production très faible qui sert à ravitailler ma population et les travailleurs de la SNSOSUCO. Compte tenue de la qualité de mon produit, j’envisage une très grande production pour servir certaines localités du BURKINA et aussi du Mali grâce à des clients fideles de Dédougou. Ce projet aidera tous les producteurs de manioc et également les éleveurs. Il contribuera à créer de l’emploi à certaines personnes du village et luttera contre la pauvreté et la famine. Ce centre permettra également à former les producteurs et transformateurs de manioc. Ce projet est rentables car ses matières premières sont fournis et transformés par elle-même. Les résidus sont aussi utilisés pour l’élevage des animaux. La seule difficulté rencontrée est la mortalité des animaux. La somme sollicitée est de : 1.750.000fcfa pour l’achat d’un moteur pour écraser le manioc une presse et deux tamis. En ce qui concerne les revenus de l’unité, il est estime minimum a 150.000fcfa chaque mois sans compter la vente des animaux et leurs déchets.

Loan Proposal

Le credit obtenu sera utilise pour l'achat des materiels pour la transformation du manioc en attieke et en gari. Il s'agira a acheter un moteur qui servira a broyer le manioc, une presse d'un capacite moyenne qui servira egalement a presser la pate obtenu apres broyage. Finalement un tami a un dimension large pour tamiser la pate apres pressage. Ces materiels du travails ne sont pas purement modernes. Leurs achats se fera au Ghana pays voisin a quelque kilometre de Banfora. L'acquisition de ces materiels permettra le bon fonctionnement du travail et egalement une production massive.

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  • Freewolf     Apr 16, 2015


    Good repayment record despite personal difficulties. I would lend again as well.

  • JimVandegriff     Apr 10, 2015


    Again a very good repayment record despite personal difficulties. I would lend again.

  • JimVandegriff     Apr 10, 2015


    Again a very good repayment record despite personal difficulties. I would lend again.

  • SvenWaage     May 24, 2014


    Thrilled this worked out well for all.

  • torelizer     Feb 5, 2014


    great as usual, good luck! :)

  • dajawein     Dec 10, 2013


    Repaid early in full. :-)

  • nicole     Dec 6, 2013


    Paid ahead of schedule -- I wish you all the best in the future & would definitely lend to you again!

  • vamPierchen     Aug 21, 2013


    Full repayment in time

  • Jorgetmorais     Feb 18, 2013


    Good luck to you!

  • bdavidn     Feb 13, 2013


    Ahead of schedule

  • Elisabeth     Feb 8, 2013


    I'm happy to see your business is doing all right. Repayement ahead of schedule ! all the best for the next step, I'm with you again!

  • Flobe     Jan 31, 2013



  • Oxfall     Jan 31, 2013


    Good work!

  • Rdcmole     Jan 30, 2013


    Thanks for re-paying so quickly. I would be happy to lend again.

  • SueB1     Jan 24, 2013


    Great borrower, great business!

  • Blond56     Jan 24, 2013


    All good!

  • torelizer     Jan 21, 2013


    Great! Paid all ahead of schedule, great job Mr. Traore!


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