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Joseph Wohoro

Karen, Kenya

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Joseph Wohoro

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About Me

I was born in a family of five-four girls and i being the last born. As far as i can remember, creating art in leather was always a must do for me. I guess leather because my father was an animal skins and hides dealer. He passed away when i was ten and i used to create art on many different materials and surfaces to reminisce on the times we had with him and also to tell a story about the struggles my mom went through so we could eat and go to school. I had to learn how to milk and hawk this milk so that mum could provide for five of us from the cow my dad had bought her since she was jobless. Later I would draw out animal and landscape scenes from pieces of leather with different color shades and stitch them on to handbags and wallets which i sold so i could support my mother in household expenses, pay school fees and raise capital to buy a sewing machine. The work was and still is unique and very creative . The country that i live in KENYA is a land full of contrasting landscapes and divergent wildlife and this i guess impacted heavily in the leather art that i create .After secondary school I trained in stiching and leather tanning, product making and marketing. After training I got some work in a leather company where I got a good experience.I only have one daughter who is three years now and who has an exeptional talent in singing and drawing. It is my dream to make her the best she can ever want to be in whichsoever field she so desires to engage in.
One unique field i am currently pursuing is the development of femto-engeneered quantum particle claytronics that will enable mankind make more efficient non-bio-organic body parts. WAY TO FUTURISTIC some think- i agree but read on. This will mean man will have body structures that are more longer lasting, easier to control. Why this- because the fragile nature of our present organic bodies so limits our longevity and (to speak the truth way too costly to maintain from a global environmental impact point of view. We are already over 6 billion, not to mention the billions more of other forms of life that have only earth to rely on and most importantly, the right of every creature to exist and thrive).

My Business

I have been in leather industry for over Fifteen years.Currently during the day,I am designing leather pouches for a small Company where i am the chief designer and leading a team of six persons. This is a department within a larger entity that makes ceramic necklaces as well as earrings and bracelets for the fashion industry. The evening hours i work in my workshop. I have also been a trainer in a community organization for the disadvantaged helping them learn about leather product making. I would like to raise finances to scale-up production in my workshop and especially to expand my skills transfer training because this helps the disadvantaged within the community also gain such skills as i have so they can also provide for themselves and their familes. I design hand bags ,shoes and belts for sale on order .
The capital described above requires $100 to start with.
This will mainly go to purchasing leather and other accessories that will help me make items for bigger orders. I have lost many orders because the buyers wanted larger quantities of products than i could afford to make. Credit facilities for such micro-scale operations such as mine from established finance institutions in Kenya are non-existent. Mainly they claim we are too small for their "class" of buisnesses they assist. This means i cannot grow unless i come across to such facilities as this one of zidisha. It is my hope to obtain such help as i need from this enterprise.Thank you.

Loan Proposal

I am planning to buy some leather for making shoes ,bags and leather accessories.
A>Thirty(30) square feet of leather at a cost of $2.50 per square feet.
Total seventyfive(75) dollars.
B> Five meters high quality brass zippers @ three(3) dollars per zipper meters.
Total fifteen(15) dollars.
C> Five meters inner cotton lining @ two(2) dollars per meter.
Total ten(10) dollars.
D> Twenty brass buckles @ one(1) dollar per buckle.
Total twenty(20) dollars.
net total for all items one hundred and twenty (120) dollars.
This will help me make larger quantities to exploit economies of scales as well as cater for buyers who want larger quantities at once. Monies obtained from an increase in production will be used to buy a more environmentally friendly stitching machine and also expand on the community skills transfer scheme that helps community youth that i target obtain some of these skils whilst also educate my daughter who is almost starting school.
This amount requested will increase my profit by seventy(70) dollars per month from the current ten (10) dollars at present.
Thank you.






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Classic Loan

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Jun 8, 2015

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On Time

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6 weeks

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Service fee: $3.95

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