Loan for ice-block business (& for online course tuition fees)


Akwatia, Ghana

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August 2015

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About Me

My name is Prince Arhin from Akwatia in the Eastern Region of Ghana. I am the third born to my mother and the tenth born to my father. As you can see competition to schooling won't be easy. Father had about 20 children I mean those that I know so with this if you are not clever then forget that he will take you to school. In fact I was very poor at learning so he decided not to waste his time and money on me at all but all these while my mum was fighting for me. This woman caught for me throughout my elementary and junior high school. As a poor learner repetition in class was my food. I wasted three years throughout my elementary and Junior high school. God being so good to me I passed my finally exams with grade 10.

With this grade I got an admission into the senior high school. There too it wasn't easy for me at all. My mom had little money so whenever I am going to school I get few provisions; just gari, sugar and a bar of key soap and my pocket money was a hell. That time which is between 2004 to 2007, I was given just USD3.00 as pocket money while some were bringing USD50.00 and above, so I always told myself it is well. I passed through all these hardships then completed in 2007 and since my grade wasn't good I had to stay home for three year before going to the tertiary school.

In the year 2010 I started my tertiary school and there God really did me a favour. I was counted among the best three students of my class so during my second year I was asked to become a Teaching Assistant to one of our lecturers. I graduated with a second class upper division and my dad who hated me for being poor at learning now begun to embrace me.

My Business

I own a provision store at Sadams, a suburb of Akwatia and in the store I sell a lot of goods. Among the product I sell are a tin of Milo, sugar, saops and detergents, canned foods, cereals and grains, toothpaste and toothbrush and many more.

Since Sadams is a suburb and for that matter a new site, more and more people move to settle there so the sale of these above mentioned products keeps on increasing thereby increasing my profit margin.

Of late I have realized that people normally ask of iced blocks and chilled minerals as well as cold water so I have decided to buy a refrigerator which will help me sell those product I have mentioned above.

It cost me monthly USD850.00 for the products I buy and sales revenue is USD1100.00. Out of this sales revenue USD55.00 take care of my expenses USD195.00 is my profits.

Also, I have started an online course in Business Administration Level 7 Diploma of which I need money to pay for my school fees.

Aside this business I am operating I am a salaried worker of which I receive USD330 every month so when I am being given this loan I would be able to pay it to the smallest gram.

Should I be offered this loan I would pay it to the lenders satisfaction as I did to my previous loans.

Project Proposal

Should I be given this Loan I will use some to pay for my online tuition fees, buy books and other study materials. Also, I will use some to buy another fridge to add up to my previously bought one which will enable me to expand my ice block business.





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Oct 7, 2021



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