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Mbita Township, Kenya

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April 2015

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About Me

I am a 41 year old man married with five children, two boys and five girls. I grew up in a very loving and caring family. My parents were responsible, caring, loving and responsible though very poor and couldn't manage to raise school fee to support my High School education.

Having dropped from school at a tender age, I started selling used plastics by the roadside to clients from the local community especially fishermen who were using them as buoyance in their fishing nets. My parents struggled to take care of us and being the eldest child, I had to support them on a daily basis through taking care of my siblings at home as they went out into the farm to plant and grow food.

After I got married we decided to lease part of my parents land while living on the rest of it in order to save the money for the start of the business. Now my two children are in high school, and I pay their school fees.

Mbita community is a cosmopolitan area and there's different cultural practices but commonly respect is paramount.

My Business

Having dropped from school in the year 1987, I started the plastic selling in 1993 and later on expanded to include sale of fruits, e.g. bananas, oranges, and peanuts. I conduct business in front of Hospital compound, by the roadside in Mbita Town. I start selling in the morning around 8:00 A.M and finish at about 9:00 or 9:30 P.M. I run this business full-time in order to generate enough funds to help me meet my basic needs and often those of my family in terms of food, health care, and clothing. When I heard my community leader (Kennedy Onyango) talk about Zidisha Microfinance, I immediately saw an opportunity to increase my business using interest free loan that ZIDISHA lenders supports. I look forward in repaying the loan on time and taking in more loans to support my business.

Loan Proposal

Hello dear lenders, I am seeking a loan of KES 9,134 to enable me buy fruits and re-stock my kiosk. I will be able to sale and attract more clients to my fruits stall and the increased profits will be used to repay the loan and support my children education.

The loan of KES 9,143 will be used as follows;

-Buy plastic tins at a cost of KES 3,800 and sale at KES 2,800 per day

-KES 6,300 will be used to buy assorted fresh fruits from farmers and re-sale at a very good market prices. I project to cash in KES 2,000 from fruits alone per day.

The increased sales and thus profits will help meet family expense, repay the loan on time and save to expand the business . Thank you.





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Classic Loan

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Apr 27, 2015

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On Time

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7 weeks

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Jun 27, 2015


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