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Hello EveryOne,I am Felix Appiah.I went to Ghana Armed Forces secondary Kumasi.I also a civil engineering graduate but currently self employed as a web designer and video blogger.
I also have a passion for pictures and videos and wish to open my own studio with your help guys.I already have a my old camera Sony grandpa as i call the camera but need to get more equipment for lighting and processing . I also supervise the construction or roads ,buildings and culverts. Thanks
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My Business

I use my time to pursue my love in picture taking and videos. I have some contracts to cover small weddings and parties in my area. But i lack new equipment and accessories in the ever growing photography world . I currently have in my employ 1 person who carries my home made lighting pole for night events and indoor events. I would love to employ more people and buy more equipment .
I get my revenue or income from the little retail business i have and also from contracts of weddings and party coverage.
And some revenue also come form my occasional supervision work as a foreman or supervisor in building and construction works.

Loan Proposal

Zidisha all the way!!!! , I was very pleased when i was introduced to zidisha organization .
I am looking for a loan to purchase my own laptop for editing of videos and pictures as clients always ask for visual effects in their pictures and videos which my camera is not capable , so i always use a friends laptop.
And use the remainder to buy parts for my DIY(Do it yourself) home lighting rod for light when filming in room or at night .
1)Buying a capable laptop for video and picture editing: 400 dollars
2)Bulbs,wires and casing for my homemade lighting rod: 20 dollars

On a normal weekend of shooting at a program i earn around 250 cedis after expenses so with this new camera and my homemade lighting rod , i am looking to increase my profit by another 20% as now i will also accept night shooting and closed areas and not worry about lighting .





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Oct 4, 2018

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