Loan to buy rice cookers and blenders

Richard Aduonu

Gomoa Pomadze, Ghana

100% repaid



Richard Aduonu


Gomoa Pomadze, Ghana

On-time repayments

11 weekly installments  •  64%

About Me

My name is Richard Aduonu, I come from Agona Abodom. I attended basis school at Assin Amoabin DC primary school and completed on the year 2006. afterward i furthur my education to senior high school and completed on the year 2009. When i completed i decided to start doing business small because i had no support to go to senior high school, so i started selling radios, torchlight, batteries, polish and many more. Through that i was able to raise shop from it and has been making money from it through saving some portion of the profit. Moreover where i stay there is a festival called Gomoa two weeks. This is normally celebrated two weeks after christmas, during that period many people from different places come there to watch and entertain themself. I will like to make some of my children to do business , some doctors,lawyers etc. I will like to end here with my letter.

My Business

I will like to discribe the business i do and how i will repay the loan. First of all i sell things like radios, standing fans, cylinder irons, extension boards and many more. so i will use the income i get or the profit to pay back the loan. The goods are sell are useful because it is something everybody need especially the students and the lecturers. My capital is about twelve thousand Ghana cedis. I use some part of the profit to invest in the business and feed on some and also use some to pay my house rent and my bills as well. I will like to end here with my letter and i hope my loan will be granted quickly. THANK YOU.

Loan Proposal

I will like to use the loan to buy some goods and sell at the shop, some of these goods are rice cookers, blenders and kettle. first of all i will like to use the loan to buy kettle to sell since the money is not enough to buy all i need and later use the next loan or my profit to buy the rest of the things i need. the profit i will get is that i will be able to meet the needs of my customers and also my income will increase about 20 % .i will ;like to end my loan proposal here. Thank you

Income Source

Although many business are facing challenges as well as my but when i get the loan i will make sure i make savings everyday so as to enable me pay the loan quickly. I will make sure this loan is paid quickly as so as i make the profit. I hope my loan will be funded quickly . THANK YOU





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 6, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

1 week

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: 5% of $12.55 = $0.50

Credit risk payment: $1.17


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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