Loan to buy rice, sugar, baby diapers etc

Kwaku Owusu

Dormaa Ahenkro, Ghana

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Kwaku Owusu

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January 2018

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About Me

My name is Victor kwaku owusu.I am 45 years old.I work at Dormass as a plumber.I am black in complexion.And I have only one wife with four kids three boys and a girl. Life has not been so easy since. I had a basic education at the Roman Catholic primary/ Junior High School.As an orphan,even though I passed for which I could persue Senior High Education,nobody in the family supported me. Eventually I had to resort to labour work where I used to weed for peasant farmers to get paid before before getting my daily bread.
I later decided to learn a job. I went into apprenticeship and learnt plumbing work. I was fortunate when I graduated,my family member was a headmaster of a headmaster and they needed a plumber so that was how I got to be a plumber in a Senior High School..

My Business

I started my work as a plumber and upon few savings, I developed the passion to selling and my interest was heard to words selling items like Milk, Milo, Sugar, Nido, perfume rice and many others. My capital initially was very small so I started selling less cost items like, toffees, chewing gum,biscuits, toilet rolls and later when I saved some money extended my trade into Rice, baby diapers,Sugar, mosquito coilss etc. Plumbing has been my main job in the School but normally when there is less to do, I will go to my my shop to attend to my customers. My wife Ama, is the one that I have assigned to take care of the shop. After school, I take over from her so that she could go to the house to cook for the family.

Loan Proposal

I would be grateful if my loan would be funded for me to purchase the following items to add to the few items I have. I will buy Rice, Sugar, Milk, Baby diapers,Biscuits, cooking oil etc
The following are details.
1. Twelve bags of rice $10.1
2. Six boxes of Milk $9.3
3. Ten bundles of baby diapers $12.1
4. Fifteen packs of biscuits $9.8
I'm very optimistic that after this sale, I will get some profits after this sale.





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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

May 22, 2018

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On Time

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8 weeks



Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo

San Francisco, United States

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Aug 2, 2018


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