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Leitisha Achieng

Ugunja, Kenya

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Leitisha Achieng

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April 2015

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About Me

my names are Leitisha Achieng. I am single mother of three kids,Daniel,Esther and Erick.MY husband passed on early year (2014) after short illness. I went to Sitero primary school and chalk girls secondary school.
After secondary school I met my husband who was working in a farm. I was only 18 years old but due to poverty levels back home ,I thought marriage was the only way to salvage myself.I was wrong. after a few months in marriage I noticed life was all the same,i could not get out and leave my husband just because he was poor.we encouraged each other and worked harder on the farm.I advised my husband to stop growing maize in our one acre piece of land since we could weight for 2 bags of maize for several months.instead we embarked on tomato farming. We grew tomato in half an acre piece of land and the results was amazing.Our lives changed drastically,unfortunately my husband passed on. after the death of my husband i continued farming but i was now doing it purely for commercial purposes.
I come from land near the great lake is hilly and the breeze is amazing.
my children like watching me and helping me work in the farm.they all say they want to be big farmers when the grow up. I love the attitude and keep encouraging them to work harder in school.
I like reading,traveling, pruning my crops and playing with my kids when I am free.

My Business

I mainly grow tomatoes and colored capsicum in my one acre piece of land. These goods are in demand because only a few farmers grow them here and 90% of what is consumed locally is imported from Uganda.
I choose these business because my husband was a farmer and we had already started it with him.Because the business is profitable.i decided to continue with it after the death of my husband.
I spend $150 on average in a month to take care of the crops .my monthly revenues average are $400. in a good month I make up to $300 in profit.
I used my profits to pay fees for my children,buy food for my family and support my aging parents. I also save some money to put back into the business.

Loan Proposal

I thank zidisha tea for these opportunity. I am requesting for a loan to help me top up my savings and but a weighing scale for my farm. I am looking forward to start harvesting tomatoes in a fortnight and the weighing scale is very vital.I used to sale my produce without weighing and these gives the middlemen opportunity to steal from me.with the weighing scale I think I will maximize sales and get the real value for my crops.A weighing scale costs $170. I have so far saved $110 and will use the loan to top up.please support me.thank you so much






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Classic Loan

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May 4, 2015

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6 weeks



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