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Zebilla Natinga, Ghana

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March 2016

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About Me

My name is Ferka Kwadwo and I was born in Zebilla in the year 10th December, 1990 My home town is Zebilla in the Upper East region of Ghana in West Africa. I had my elementary school at Zebilla methodist primary School in Zebilla in my hometown, my father was facing a financial problem due to that I couldn’t continue my education school. I stopped schooling and went to help my Uncle in his guinea fowl poultry farming business at Bolgatanga in the Upper East region, helping my uncle really enables me to become more skillful in poultry rearing and I worked with my uncle for couple of years, I was being paid every month and also I learnt how to manage poultry business, I decided to start my own guinea fowl poultry business in Zebilla with the money saved when I was working with uncle. Start my own guinea fowl poultry farming wasn’t easy for me although. I am a married man with two children and my dream is to work hard so that I can provide for family,support the needy,help my parents and I have a believe that with the help from my friends in zidsha it shall be well with me. I am much interested in browsing and also doing research of new information about guinea fowl poultry farming. Thank for giving me this platform to share with you about my story.guinea fowl is the main bird real in my area and attracts higher demand and price.

My Business

Being inviting by a friend to Zidisha, I have come to notice that zidisha is really helpful. I am a young man with a good vision that to start my own guinea fowl poultry business. In the year 2010 I decided to start my own farming in which I gone through a lot of challenges which was not easy for me. I started with a small capital which was able to acquire about 100 birds and now I have about 1000 birds in my yard, and my problem now is the birds feeds, the price of maize has been increase because the last cultivation of maize was not good due to insufficient rainfall. And also fish meal has increase it price from $30 to $55.. With the support from zidisha,i will be able to feed my birds well and also able to get good price from the birds.It will also help me to increase my profit margin,expand my business and also support the needy in my community. I am praying that I could get help from zidisha

Loan Proposal

I need USD 100 .00 to purchase my new guinea fowl for my poultry.. The price for one
guinea fowl is $5, although the amount am requesting is not enough but is going to support my birds. I will like to appreciate the kind of work zidsha team is doing for us, thank you very much hoping to hear from you.The money will help me to increase my sales in a week from $100 to $150.It will me to employ other people to support me thus creating jobs.With the support from zidisha i know my business will expand.





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Classic Loan

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Mar 23, 2016

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On Time

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4 months

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