Loan to expand my phone and tablets business

Jerry Mensah

Accra, Ghana

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Jerry Mensah

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August 2014

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79 installments  •  11%

About Me

Am Jerry Mensah Acomputer technician who like browsing the internet and reading Articles online.I love computers and to search for new technologies online on my free time.Am single and hard working, I love to do business so i decided to sell computer tablets and phones, i started this business 2 years Ago. With no money to start i my business i moved from shop to shop to enquire about precises i could walk a whole day on the street of Accra for the best price on computers, tablets and phone.After gathering the all the price that i got i now compare them and place advert online that i have those items in stock with me placing a little money on it so if people call i direct them to the shop that i enquire from and they buy from there so make a little profit from it continued for a year until i was able to gather money to setup my small shop so started picking from the shops to my store to sell.But i have never regretted starting this business it has really helped me, i mow want to start importing the items myself, And expand my shop to also employ to create employment in my community, because if i have about three i have to get people to handle it for me that create employment for someone.

My Business

My business is focused on the sales of computers,tablets, phones and accessories.I chose this business because the demand for this items is very high in my country.if you look at every office now a days they use laptops and will like to purchase it Accessories too, so i have a big a market for it.Each everyone need a phone and are welling to upgrade their phone all the time that creates a big opportunity when you have new Phone all the time.And i make sure i have the latest things in the world of technology so i have now added Tablets to my business which is in high demand too this time.People are looking for portable things that they can hold around all the time, so with the introduction of the Tablet is good thing for my customers.I have develop a nice marketing strategy, i do most of my marketing online to target there people in the office who are busy during week days and can not move around for things with if the customer express interest on the item advertised online i take the item to the customer and his or her location and he or she pays for it .I want to open up my business to get more item too.The business is doing well but need some money to push in to be able to buy more items.

Loan Proposal

When I am fully funded in this loan,It will help me expand my Phone and Tablet PC business will add the money to my savings to buy more Tablets PC.The Tablet PC is an intriguing new development in portable computing technology.A Tablet PC is a portable computing device which looks much like a detached screen from a conventional notebook computer, or perhaps a hand-held computer that's been scaled up.Students off late don't want to carry laptops around, so they need something portable that create a big market for the tablet PC. I started with only one tablet PC but now i buy 4 and sell but with the help of this loan it will enable me to buy about 6 at a go, $75 for each because the more you have and sell there more profit you get out of that.If am granted this loan it will go a long way to help me achieve more in my business, we do business to to make profit and i believe will profit more with the help of this loan from you because it will increase the things i will be buying and will be earning more from it.The universities have just open and they are my target for now, with 6 six tablet PC in my hand can sell about 3 a week. I really need this loan to help me buy more tablet because is a hot product which everyone wants to have.Kindly grant me this loan to help my business..Thank You In Advance





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 24, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

76 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $142.00 at 5.50% annual rate over 76 months = $48.96

Service fee: $44.75



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