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Nagdoli, Ghana

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June 2016

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About Me

I am kusi Berlinda i come from Ghana. I started my schooling at the EP basic school.When i was about to finishe my basic education there was a marriage break in my parents and it became a difficult for me to go to my High School Education.but God been so good i was gained a way.when i started my father paid for my fees and everything was successful but right now i want to further to the degree level and he is telling me that he can not afford for that so seek for scholarship and it was giving to me and now i am studying in my degree course.i wanted to do all this because i did not want my future family to pastime events are swimming.

My Business

When i started work as a pupils teacher what i put in my mind was that it is a through education that is why why are able to read and write and i wanted to teach my future generations so that they can also do same in future. i had been able to do some savings which has been of much help to me by catering much of my expenses since the allowances i get is not all that enough for that sponsoring of my education. I usually go to early morning classes then go to work because i have to make both ends meet.
I think with this loan i will be able to get enough money to support my education in terms of other expenses in the demand of my education. i want my future family to enjoy the bread of my labor without any interference and wish to pay back the loan according to the terms and conditions on the repaying of the loan in weekly basics.

Loan Proposal

Thank you for giving me another time to post a new loan, the first loan helped me to passed my university semester exams and I hope am going to be a blessing to my community people after I complete my program in very glad for this. Thank you





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Classic Loan

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Sep 5, 2016

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On Time

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4 months


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