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Berekum, Ghana

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September 2016

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About Me

My name is Asomah louis. I am from Berekum. i started school at Komfo Anokye which i could not not obtain good results. this my failure brought anger to my father.
my father has been in oversea over years and due to witch graft from family he has not being pay much attention my family. so he was convince by his senior to let me rewrite WASSCE again to get better grade before he continues to the university. Unfortunately for the second, i went to register again at Maranatha senoir high, for there i wrote over that school being bold that i will pass. but later lack enlude the school and there was total cancellation for a student cheating in my class, of which it brought at total damage to the whole class. so i decide not to tell my father for the second fail. so i decide to register for Private examination with the token i had on me, so i register the paper which was cancelled, which was English Language. so it got there and i pass perfectly. i kept on writing Applications to the hotel but i of which i was waiting for a call. A m from the Brong Ahafo region, so i our unique culture is the bono language and also cerebrate yam festival. My unique hobbies are playing games, playing basketball and listening to music.

My Business

My name is louis, i had a call from a micro insurance office being a secretary. i stated about months ago which i have earn some monthly salary $30. i chose to do a this work because, i was once a business student who was dreaming to become a bank manager in the future. Due to that i have develop much interest in office work. i have earn some profit on the first which is in bank account, i hereby need this amount form the zidisha lenders to help me rent a room for my mother who have no where to be, she has been in a single room about 6 years with 4 people in one single bed room. This has brought a problem to my family, when one is ill, it then transfer to one another.

Loan Proposal

Purposely i need the loan to rent a room , which cost $250 for three years. i strongly believe getting personal room for my mother, it will help her stay out early illness. it will also help my two younger brothers get their own room. i will pay with my wages i earn everyday at work. zidisha lenders should help me raise this amount for the rent, i strongly believe my lenders will help me out. Thank you for reading my proposal.





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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 24, 2016

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61 months

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