Loan to repair my damaged sewing machine

Amina Agyeiwaa

Kukuom, Ghana

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Amina Agyeiwaa

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March 2016

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47 installments  •  77%

About Me

In this life, God created two people someone and his helper. This simple means that no matter the situation and circumstances we may find our self, Someone will be there to help us or probable save us. In this regard, I am the type who never say die. By the way My name is Amina Agyeiwaa, a young Ghanaian woman in my twenties. My parents are late now. Though painful in remembering them but life stills goes on. I have three other siblings. Lucky as I was, I was able to have Basic formal education which enabled me to read and write. Unlike other parents in our part of the world who believed that the woman's place is in the kitchen but not in the classroom. I am currently a mother to my own siblings. I don't hope to be a biological parent one day since my current state is enough for me.

My Business

No body thought me how to design cloths. I didn't attend any school to be able to learn this trade formally. My mother was a seamstress and it is believed that I inherited this skills from her. As I grew older different skills in the sawing business developed. At times My mum had to call me and give me a paper to design more styles for her. When she passed on, I quickly continue her business. Initially, Things were a bit difficult for me until a friend introduce me to a qualified cloth designer who offered to work with me. We design wedding dresses and several others. Many people preferred my dresses than foreign ones. I hope for a better future as I am seriously planning to work extra harder to achieve better result in the near future.

Loan Proposal

Please I plead with you to help me raise money to be able to repair my spoil or faulted sawing machine. This special multipurpose machine is use to dressing most wedding dresses in my shop. Please help me repair it. Repayment of this loan will be regular according to the repayment plan Zidisha will give me. Thank you.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 5, 2016

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 months

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