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July 2021

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About Me

About Me
I am the second-born son of a family of three. My younger three siblings are boys whom we used to cook for with my older sister.
I was brought up in a tiny village in south Nyanza in Kenya, the Lake Victoria region. I started basic education in a local school and continued to the primary education level. During that period, we used to take great risks as young boys as we went swimming in a river that flows down deep ridges.

Later I went to Migori town for my secondary education at Migori Boys High School.
Later I went to study building & construction in our capital city Nairobi technical institute of technology and got a diploma certificate. I got employment at the Sony sugar factory building & civil engineering workshop.

At Sony life was so difficult for me considering the salary was too little for my needs. At some point, I decided to live in the slums because good rooms/rental houses were so expensive to rent. So I moved to the nearer centre known as awendo centre. I even went a step further to walking half distance to work. I had to sacrifice with an aim of getting enough skills in construction & civil engineering in a factory workshop.
In the early year 2016, I felt it was time to be an entrepreneur because I was still struggling with my needs. I had enough skills. I went back to the village where my mother gave me a small yard in addition to a small capital to establish bricks and building blocks at home. Life was so hard trying to establish me until I was advised and invited by a friend/ collage mate who has been a member of zidisha.org came to my rescue where I got introduced to prepare a business proposal for a loan to enable me to rent a small shop in our local shopping centre where I have grown steadily.

Every year I pay 30USD to our local county authority for business licenses and a monthly rent of 50 USD. I also pay 120 USD for the wages of my employees.
I use my profits to re-invest in my growing business, supporting my parents and my younger sister whenever they may be in need, and also buying construction materials for a house am planning to build in nearby future. I also support the needy in our society whenever there are contributions conducted. I also support two elderly women who are about 80 yrs old by visiting them regularly to give out food and clothing during this covid pandemic crisis.
Last year I had a colourful wedding made possible by my friends/business associates who contribute towards the success of events.

My Business

My Business
My business operates under the name ogollashel enterprises. I operate a workshop and a sales section where we sell building products as well plumbing accessories we also do renovations/repair and offer consultations. also supply of building materials
On average we make a monthly profit of 400USD.

Loan Proposal
My loan application comes at a time that the world is facing the containment of the covid 19 viruses. During this time our capital city and various regions of Kenya are under restricted movement including my county of residence and business.
We are doing business as usual although we are not allowed to go beyond the borders of our county. Here in central Kenya, we are putting all protective measures as laid down by the government./ world health organization

With the loan, I will do inventories on my shop supplies, portable hand washing types of equipment, disinfectants, and protective masks. I have put a section in my workshop to supply my community with that added protective equipment because I have learnt that most people are lacking these supplies near them because the public transport system has almost been stopped by the authorities in central Kenya. Stocking these additional items in my business will not only help the community get them easily but also help curb the spread of the virus in our villages.
My workshop and renovations work are doing very well owing to the fact that many people are spending at home since no much movements, therefore am doing much services and maintenances. By adding the sale of protective equipment's I will boost my business income as well.
I predict my business profit will increase by KHS 3000 per week.
It is true many businesses are not able to operate due to the covid 19 outbreak. As a result, many people are at home. In my community and area of my business majority of people are sugarcane farmers and maize. Their products are still being supplied to the markets and there is cash flow. Many kids being at home they are being kept calm by television entertainments and therefore am doing more servicing, maintenances and a number of installations every week.
Am also comfortable taking the loan because I have also been doing a little sugar cane farming and maize as well business at home which earn me extra money as a side business.

Project Proposal

the current loan will be added to my capital for materials purchase to make more louvers blocks for sales . by making more ready made blocks will enable me get more supplier due to more construction of homes within the locality by Sacco/ microfinance organisations developers.
if all is well /sold my profit percentage would have increase by 60% compared to previous/currently percentage rate.





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Pay It Forward

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Jul 29, 2021



Kumasi, Ghana

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