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Fredrick Kevogo

Nairobi Embakasi, Kenya

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Fredrick Kevogo

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February 2015

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About Me

I am Fredrick Najori Kevogo. Iwas born in 1983 and schooled at Evojo primary and Wangulu secondary schools respectively. I scored a c plus at the Kenya certificate Of Secondary Education Examinations. After secondary education i joined The Kenya poly technique where i studied a diploma in plant engineering but due to inadequate job opportunities, i joined chicken rearing to overcome my life's hardships. After a search for a good job without success, i invested the only amount that i had at that moment; ksh 15,000 in the construction of an iron sheets chicken house and stocked in three hundred chicks and some feeds. I stay in Embakasi area in the outskirts of Nairobi city which is a cosmopolitan area. There are no bigger lands but only plots. I wedded my lovely wife in July 2013 and currently we do not have kids. However, when God blesses us with them, we will teach them according to the word of God and allow them to select correct careers in their lives. My hobby is studying the bible and adventure and preaching to the nations of the earth through Internet the message of the cross and the blood of Jesus Christ in repentance and Holiness for the rapture of the church is near, and reading engineering books.

My Business

I rear and sell chicken, mostly broilers. These goods (chicken) are on high demand in this area because it neighbors the city. Many people do not keep chicken yet they are fond of eating chicken meat. This creates a good business climate full of clients. I chose this kind of business because of the little amount if money needed to start and because of the little duration it takes for one to start reaping the interests and profits. I consider the most typical costs to be those that i use to buy feeds and repairs on the chicken housing where as my profits and / or revenue comes from the selling of my mature birds. I mostly use the profit got from my business to re-invest in my business and home improvement.

Loan Proposal

if given the loan then i will have to use the loan on crop production ie maize production so as to make sure that in my village there is enough food supply so as to reduce death rate amongst our self . the region is more populated with more than 800000 per 10kilometre square and this people needs help.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 10, 2016

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On Time

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6 months


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