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Maaimahiu Ngeya, Kenya

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June 2014

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About Me

Iwas born in 1979, at Shabaab area of Nakuru county. I went to Muslim primary school, S.T Xavier’s High school, Nyanchwa T.T.C and just graduated from Kenya methodist university, Nakuru Campus. I’m also a teacher at Maaimahiu primary school. I started by running a cyber café at Maaimahiu town next to the lorry parking. I started the business from my little savings a year ago. However, with the advent of smart phones and free wi fi, the business was not so good. One year ago I set up a small hotel with the chairs I bought with my first loan. However early this year in February an ownership tussle emerged between the owners of the place. We had to vacate. I did not give up and I now own an electronics shop. Im married and a father of one daughter. I live at Maaimahiu town next to the main market at plot no. 12 a green storeyed building house number 9.

My Business

I started the business, Blessed electronics, twelve months ago. My wife runs it while I’m in school. I assisst during the holidays,weekends and in the evenings. It has helped to give me some alternative income though little. The shop has a mixture of a few electronics and electrical goods.The first two months were a challenge in terms of sales and even raising rent. Right now customers are trickling in and am sure in due course I will make it. I discovered that an eatery cannot be run when one is away. However with the shop, I just need to stock take and thus can manage it easily. In a day we make 2dollars profit. This maintains my family and clears other bills. I plan to move business to the next level by having a variety of góods.

Loan Proposal

I run a small eatery at Maaimahiu Ap canteen. The hotel is just a small two room wooden structure with four plastic chairs and a table I bought with my first loan. The hotel though small is connected to a larger lounge which hosts up to 40 people at a go. I am not the first person to run it but the second. The first owner could not give adequate services so he opted out. The kitchen looks beaten and is not pleasant to customers who get to peep in. We use charcoal stoves which make it sooty. My desire is to buy a small gas cooker which is environmental friendly and can handle small express order meals. Currently a 6kg cylinder plus a burner go for 70 dollars. I will use the remainder to buy more utensils and spruce up the hotel. I may also venture into some little outside caterring for small groups.





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Classic Loan

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Nov 13, 2014

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On Time

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7 months




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