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David Ndururu

Sotik, Kenya

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David Ndururu

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December 2016

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About Me

My name is David Ndururu, an entrepreneur born in 1983. Am a degree Holder fro University of Nairobi. I started my entrepreneurial skills in the year 2003. I used to hawk milk at Salgaa Town in Nakuru. This was a major milestone in my life for I was able to buy my self a television, a mobile fine and a bicycle. I also managed to save money to a sum of ksh. 30000 which I used for my upkeep when I joined campus in 2005.
I bought my first car which I used for the transport business from proceeds from my salary and savings from farming.
So far I have bought five cars and sold two. I wants to add a fourth one in my fleet.
The unique thing about where I live is that the community there loves non locals and this makes us have an upper hand in businesses because we have positioned ourselves uniquely in the market.
I have two children and their dreams are becoming a doctor and a lawyer when they grow up.
My hobby is swimming, surfing and playing Guitar.

My Business

I provide public transport services with my two Toyota Hiace 7l Vans along Nakuru Nairobi highway.
The services I offer are in demand because people are on transit each day.
I chose this business because its a high risk business which people fear to venture in. Its also in research that entrepreneurs who take high risks gets more returns.
I make around ksh 120,000 in a month and my total costs in a month averages ksh 30,000.
I use my revenues for reinvestment and growing my business. Currently I have a project of buying a another Toyota Hiace 7l diesel engine Which will cost me around ksh. 2,500,000 by the end of 2021

Project Proposal

I would like to use the funds obtained to acquire insurance for my motor vehicle. This is because of i have an already existing business and would lobe to pump some extra investment into the business. Currently the business is not doind well due to the high cost of fuel prices.





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Pay It Forward

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Dec 4, 2022

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Service fee: $0.47

Pay It Forward contribution: $1.41

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