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John Thiaro

Nakuru, Kenya

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John Thiaro

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May 2015

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About Me

This is my 3rd Zidisha loan funding attempt.
Well, am not entirely new to the Zidisha family, but I will introduce myself once again for the new Zidisha members. I am Kenyan by nationality and my names are John Thiaro. I come from Kenya which is famous for the world-renowned athletes Joyce Chepchumba, Paul Tergat, Vivian Cheruiyot, Philip Boit and many others who have won numerous awards internationally like the Boston marathon, Olympics and so forth.

I was born and raised up in a town known as Nakuru which is approximately 125 miles from our capital city of Nairobi. Nakuru is the 4th largest town in Kenya.

We are a family of 8, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. My parents are retired police officers, but my father passed on in 2010.

I am the 6th born in our family and the youngest amongst the boys (or men if you like as we are all grown up).

I have a family that who include my loving wife Mercy and 2 daughters and a boy. Kathy - 7 years, Emilly - 5 years and Jerry - 7 months.

I am very passionate about nature and conservation and I love wildlife safaris, am a trained safari-guide and have worked in several of our wildlife conservation areas such as Maasai Mara and other parks. Ornithology is a hobby I dearly love and enjoy.

My Business

Currently, my main business is keeping of chicken both for meat - broilers, and for eggs layers. The chicken for eggs are both hybrid and free-range chicken as the my customers love both of this varieties.

I want to become a broker for chicken eggs and chicken meat to be supply to hotels, schools and large institutions.

Due to the rapid expansion of my business, I bought a Motorbike with my 5th Zidisha loan. This has really assisted my business as I got to supply my products where I previously could not be able to.

My profits have since increased by more than 70% and am very very grateful to all Zidisha lenders. My families lifestyle has changed for the better and each new day is a blessing to us.

I am able to pay our 2 children's school fees, cloth and cater for their day to day effortlessly because of my business whose foundation is Zidisha!

As I had informed you earlier, the expansion of my chicken and eggs supply as has made me have about triple the number of customers I had when I started this business. With the availability of the van, I will easily be able to offer chicken products in a diversified market at a more competitive price than that of other business-men in the same work.

This has necessitated me to not only source the products from my farm but also outsource from other farmers as I cannot cope with the high demand.

This is the reason, I was planning that with the able and good Zidisha lenders, I will make this a reality by purchasing a station wagon or van if you like. The most popular in my country are Toyota Probox or Toyota Succeed. This a hardy vehicle which is relatively cheaper than other models and consumes very little fuel.

The vehicle's maintenance is low and when you fold the rear seat, I will be able to supply my goods to various hotels in town and the outskirts of my town.

I will then resell the motorbike and add a little of my savings towards achieving this goal.

Loan Proposal

Hallo Lenders and Zidisha staff!

I am happy to let you know that I have successfully repaid my 4th Zidisha loan used to for Purchase of an Automatic Egg incubator.

This project I must say was very successful from the word go! I was able to add value to the eggs that I produced and most new upcoming farmers were happy to buy chicks from me because I also offered them free advice on how to venture into poultry related business/farming.

Through incubation alone, I was able to increase my profits by more than 50% as and this enabled me to meet most of my financial obligations and it the reason why I increased my loan repayment as the business had improved alot.

The challenge that I am now facing is transportation of goods and for myself.

My business is engaged in poultry related issues and I therefore sell:-

1. Chicken feed
2. Eggs for both incubation and for consumption
3. Breeding hens and cocks for poultry projects.
4. Poultry chicken for consumption
5. Selling day old chicks
6. Manure.

This is the reason I was now applying for the 5th loan to purchase a new motorcycle as this will enable me to be efficient in my operations, and at the same time, cut expenses that I incur in terms of transportation costs.

The motorcycle will be instrumental in transporting of chicken feed that I produce, eggs,chicks and chicken for consumption for orders to customers which will be good for me and my clients.

I will also be using the same motorbike to take my two children to school in the morning and getting them back in the evening; the list is endless.

The amount I used for transport in my business totals to about $100 per month, and this is a lot of money given that my business is still expanding.


The loan proposal for purchase of a motorbike is as follows:-

1. New Haojin Motorbike.......................$1000
2. One year comprehensive insuarance..........$200
3. Other accesories (riding jacket, helmet, riding boots and fuel........$100
4. Miscellneous cost......................$150

TOTAL:- $1,450

It is my sincere hope that once again, you will support me in this endevor and I want to thank you in advance.

John Thiaro.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 20, 2017

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On Time

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12 months



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