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August 2015

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About Me

I am nelson mecha nyabuto,since i was brought up i a deserving family the opportunity to attend a boarding school was minimal my parents managed to secure a vacancy in a certain public school where i managed to score a B+ in K.C.P.E. Due to spontenious death of my parents i flee to my aunties place where they managed to support me till I concluded my form four 2011 from st Patrick kahawa,joined st Anne college where I did my diploma in information and technology.scored a distinction.Since i did business studies as a subject at high school,i acquired enterprenial skills and ethics that enabled me start up a business.My home place is strategically centered and the people like browsing.My children like browsing like i do thus they envy me they will be enterprenuor like me.I like watching business updates in my computer.

My Business

At my business i offer various services ,printing,photocopying,binding,online services,sending and receiving mails.Due to advancement in technology this business is of high demand.My business manages to produce 300USD.- Food: USD 89.5714 per month
- Clothing USD 50.3839 per month
- Since we stay in town we pay rent of USD 55.9821 per month
Note the following: we have agreed with my wife to cut our monthly expenses as follows so as to be eligible to pay zidisha loan if we qualify to be given:
a) On food: USD 6.71786
b) On clothes: USD 30.2304
c) Rent: USD50.9911
This will add up to USD 64.93936 per month to pay our Zidisha loans.
Thanks Zidisha team.
Loan Proposal

Once I get this loan I will add 4 computers to my cyber café, buy some stationery and a modern printer. I will have to compete with my competitors in Kisii town by making my cyber cafe in a different manner. Since I am a technician I am very much aware of what other cyber cafe hold in Kisii town. For instance many cyber cafe do not have a modern way of having secrecy while browsing, instead when you are browsing there computers are exposed, which makes other clients to see what you are working on, another area that I will make sure to defeat my colleagues is the area of coming up with modern computers with a high speed which will save my customers needs, so far I will make sure to come up with a Skype and I will promote my customers with a waiver which most of business cyber cafe in town do not have, hence I need a high speed printer. I hope this will enable me to have many customers so that I will be eligible to pay my loans to Zidisha team. And for this loan if I manage it then I will save my profits so that in future I will come up with a college of I.T in Kisii town. I ask my self this question ‘if I managed to open a cyber café why not information technology college.

Project Proposal

I will use the Amount raised to purchase new printing machine due to high magnitude of Customers,high customer Demands.The machine will enable me do efficient Printing of my Customers Work





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Pay It Forward

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Mar 16, 2023



Nakuru, Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya

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