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Shaibu Abdul Kamal

Zebilla, Ghana

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Shaibu Abdul Kamal

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March 2016

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About Me

I was born and raised in Zebilla of the Upper East Region. I attended Hamdaniya E/A primary school. As a child I liked doing odd things like playing with pets. I also had an ambition of becoming an engineer when I grew up. I played a leading role among my friends and was very influential among them.

After my secondary school, life became unbearable when my parents refused to help further my education to the tertiary level which made me relocate to a different region in search of greener pastures. I worked at galamsey (illegal mining) sites to gather some money to further my education in Hope Community College and studied for a Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking which I see as a great achievement in my life.

Getting a job as a computer student in my country is like a daydream.
As a computer student, I came up with an idea of starting up a computer repairs shop along with being a locksmith. I managed to gather capital to start my shop.

My hometown is bordered with Burkina Faso. My town has great landscapes and a unique culture that serves to promote tourism from foreigners who visit. Our culture is know as ''SAMANPIID'' with a lot of display of ancient artifacts and spiritual performance.

I am not married but am planning to do so at the right time. As a guy of great dreams, my hobby is watching entrepreneurial and technological movies.

My Business

I repair and service computers as well as doing key cutting. With the key cutting, I am the sole producer of this service in my community and as motorcycles are the most popular means of transport in my community, a lot of riders and drivers do break or misplace the keys and I am their only hope of cutting the cost of buying a new set of ignitions and locks.

With many internet cafes now showing up in my community and our government's project of free laptops to students and teachers, it has increased the demand for computer technicians as more of them don't know how to use them and end up damaging their PCs.

I am into this business because there is none of its kind in my community and because of its high demand. People used to travel to different communities in search of these services. With me at their doorstep, their problems are solved.

The cost of my service is estimated at around GHC400 while my revenue stands at GHC700 to GHC800. I will use part of the proceeds to reinvest in the business and save the remaining.

Loan Proposal

I will use this loan and buy new machine for my shop. I lack the machine for some type of keys that always make customers unsatisfied with my service.
I will also use part of the loan to buy new tools like files, hacksaw and hammers. As we progress in techknology, I will need some kind of special tools for modern day type of keys.

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About Me

Am Shaibu Abdul Kamal from Zebilla - Bawku West of the Upper East Region, Ghana. I was born on the 13 of July 1989 to Mr and Mrs Shaibu, I spend my childhood and adulthood at my grandmother's house after the divorce of my parents at my age of 6.
My first primary school was Zebilla primary school and later on moved to hamdania E/A school. After my primary education, I went to Bolgatanga Technical Institute and studied business accounting, after which I went to Hope Community College and studied computer hardware and networking and graduated second class upper.
I liked playing football in school and was very friendly and influential among my friends in school and at home. I also like taking part in communal labour.

Life wasn't easy for me as I was raised by a single parent as compared to my friends who got to enjoy the love of both parents.
It became very hard for me to get into senior high school and after senior high school. I was aided by a good Samaritan, a friend's parent to complete my Senior high.

After senior high school, I had no job nor a miss of making a living with a sibling so I went back to Bolgatanga where I completed my senior high school, the regional capital of my region learn locksmith and used two years to complete my training.
I came back home to start my own business of locksmith, there was a problem - lack of financial support. I made an appeal from friends and family but no one was ready to help.
I then visited my mother and made an appeal to her to support and she was more than happy to assist but had a problem of her own that needs finance, after she listening to my plans she sacrificed her only GHC300 to support me start my busines -- Operating a locksmith and a computer repair shop.

The community has one of the distinguished cultural practice in the country and unique land marks. My community boaders Burkina Faso to the north and our annual festival known as samanpiid is one the most attractive festivals in Ghana that attracts foreigners to observe.

Am not married and have no children.

I use to like playing football and volleyball as a kid, but I now dedicate much of my time to reading and studying computers. I also like watching entrepreneur movies.

My Business

I provide a locksmith and computer services.

Motorcycle is the means of transportation in my community and most of the population own at least one motorcycle and I provide them the services of key duplication and replacement for their motorcycles, offices and homes.
I.C.T is one of the growing sector in Ghana. Most of the young school going youth in my community own laptops and desktop computers that constantly need updates and servicing, so I decided to add computer repairs in my shop as that will also fetch me more money.
Getting services like these in my community is very hard and people go through a lot of pain to replace their keys if they lost them. I decided to learn locksmith after my Senior High so that I can provide such service to my people.

I started my business with a capital of GHC300 and my monthly average gross earnings is ghc550.

I reinvest %40 of my annual profites back into the business, save %30 and use the remaining %30 for my personal upkeep.

Loan Proposal

I will use this loan and buy new machine for my shop. I lack the machine for some type of keys that always make customers unsatisfied with my service.
I will also use part of the loan to buy new tools like files, hacksaw and hammers. As we progress in techknology, I will need some kind of special tools for modern day type of keys.





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