New trendy khaki trousers for my clothing shop


Nairobi, Kenya

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About Me

Being brought up in a family of four children where i was the last born life was not always rosy when I was small. I schooled in a local primary school in my village area but was lucky to get a scholarship for my high school education. After high school i git good grades which enabled me be government sponsored in a public university. Life in campus was hard and i made a decision to look for work to supplement my needs but all in all i never got a good paying job so i started small businesses.
I would buy electronics such as laptops and phones from students and resell them at a profit. This business continued for my first three years of campus until one day when i met a close friend whom introduced me to selling shoes and clothes he linked me up with an importer of new shoes as well as clothes and i became a main seller to fellow students in campus.
I just graduated last year December and I have already laid down strategies of how to continue with this business since its already paying.

My Business

In my business i do sell new imported shoes from china both for men and ladies. i also sell fashionable dresses which are imported and also jeans. All these products have high demand especially by the young generation who represent a majority of our country's population.
Being in the business while still a students I have passed through hardships and challenges and have learn t a lot along the way. The main reason for wanting to continue this business is because The business is able to provide for me and also if I am able to increase its volume i will be in a position to grow to greater levels.
In this business the main costs that I incur includes purchase of stock, payment of government licenses as well as advertising cost, the revenue mainly is from sales of the stock that I have.
The profits that I get from the business i use to reinvest into the business by adding on stock to be able to expand. I also use part of it for my upkeep as i now depend on the business for my living.

Loan Proposal

Hello Lenders,I want to buy 30 new khaki trousers each at 6.6 USD thus total cost to be 198 USD.
I will sell each trouser at 10USD thus making profit of 3.4 USD per trouser thus total profit will be 102 USD.
All sales will be 300 USD this will enable me to repay back your loan .The loan will boost my business.Will highly appreciate you funding my loan.Thanks in advance






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Jun 26, 2018

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Utrecht, Netherlands

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