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Moses Kuya

Nairobi, Kenya

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Moses Kuya

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July 2015

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About Me

My name Moses and am so crazy about the outdoors, camping and adventure. I was born in Kisumu but lived most of my life in Nairobi. I schooled at Highway secondary school. Then pursued a diploma in Electrical Engineering at the Kenya polytechnic.
During my primary and high school years i had this great desire to go for camping but my parents could not afford to pay for any of these trips whether by school or church. The desire for camping was so great that i looked for every opportunity to go for a free camp through joining the scouts and st. Johns ambulance clubs in high school.After college i started volunteering to help at kids camps at the scripture union of Kenya and later trained as a team building facilitator through Young Life USA. This equipped me with the necessary knowledge to be able to plan and facilitate group camps to finer details.
With this knowledge at hand i venture out to start my own events management company. I facilitate Team building as well as organize and facilitate low budget affordable group camps for kids and youths from different institutions.

Kenyans are becoming more and more interested in spend their holidays on a camping trip and hence a high demand for camping Equipment. I believe that I am strategically placed to meet this emerging need.
I am married with two kids.
To sum it up, my hobby actually ended up becoming my carrier.

My Business

I am an events manager, i facilitate Team building for corporates and run group camps for various institutions. I also hire out camping equipment such as Tents, sleeping bags, cutlery and camping activities equipment .
Kenya is a fast growing economy .This mean more investors, companies and job opportunities. As this happens , it open more opportunities for companies to include team building as part of their day to day running. For this , they need competent team building facilitators which i 100% believe i am.
I chose to venture in this business since it first of all give me satisfaction, secondly i get to meet peoples need and help them come up with applicable solutions and lastly it brings food to my table.
A team-building session will give me an income of between $100 to $ 1500 per day depending on the size of the group that i am facilitating.While for the camping tents, i charge $ 2 per person per day .
At the moment my business is still picking up and i cant afford to have full time employees.I normally hire casual laborer who i pay from the profits. I also use the profit to support my family and keep my kids in school.
A part from this a large amount of my profits go to towards Education and provision of basic needs for orphans at Green Village Hope Children’s Home ,a children’s orphanage that helped found and direct. It is based in western Kenya. Feel free to visit our website or search us on Facebook. This is home to 24 orphans and vulnerable Children. Right now we are constructing a boys dormitory and community early childhood education school.
My ultimate goals is investing in a property for my own campsite.

Loan Proposal

With the shop and office building complete, I would like to request for support from the lenders to enable me raise capital for buying the initial stock for the retail shop. With this loan i will buy $700 worth of assorted retail shop goods. From this we project sales of up to $5 per day since we are located in a busy area with very little competition.

The retail shop will be run by my wife who is currently a house wife . This will keep her occupied and it will also be another source of income for my family. This will make my family more comfortable and also good payments for two assistants. This will also help me use my income from the camping activities to equip my office without straining her business.

As i also indicated in my profile , i also run a children orphanage . A percentage of my income goes to the general running of the orphanage ie food , clothes and school fees and stationery.

Overall this will mark my first baby step to achieving my dream of owning a camping site.

Thank you in advance Our dear lenders for choosing to support Us!






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Classic Loan

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Mar 1, 2017

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4 months



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