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I am a creative person in general and I usually interrogate risks before venturing into any kind of business.

My Business

I am goat and sheep farmer and I have a stock of over 100 heads mostly free range. Each goat or sheep takes about a year to be ready for sale to meat venders and individuals. breeding stock sires twice a year and mostly twins. My breeds are masaai/borana breads. I try to cross breed with exotic breeds in to improve meat quality and lower maturity age. one goat/ sheep fully grown goes for about ksh12000 depending on the weight of the stock. I usually sell about 70 to 100 heads at go because i only sell once a year.
Beside s i am also employed in a private company full time.

Project Proposal

I need fertilizers and seedlings for growing bulb onions. Having my land already tilled and final touches done such as weed clearing and fencing. The next phase is now to wait for the first light rains to come which will trigger common weeds to grow. when these weeds are about a week and half, I till the land and burry the green weeds vegetation which will create humas, manure and ample aeration in the soil as onions prefer well aerated soils with good drainage. the buried vegetation help improve drainage. so right now, I need some extra funds to start germinating the seedlings and also fertilizers and a few insecticides and pesticides. Onions will be ready in three months for sale. And usually traders buy them from the farm so i don't need any transportations. I expect to sell per kg at Between sh.80 to sh.170 depending on the season. since Mine will be ready at peak season which is June or end of may Ill expect some good prices. so if i expect a minimum of 10,000kg per acre and I have 2 acres so that will be 20 tons. if I sell at the lowest prices of sh 80 per kg then i expect a return of 20000×80=1600000. expenditure/capital is around 750000. so i expect a profit of around 700000.





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Mar 8, 2024

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