Paints and materials to restart my art business

Dechi K. Samuel

Wenchi B/a, Ghana

2% repaid



Dechi K. Samuel

Member since

February 2015

On-time repayments

92 installments  •  22%

About Me

I was born at Wenchi in Ghana where I grew up and started my basic education at Wenchi Methodist basic school and completed my basic education there in 2007, I furthered my education to senior high school at Koase Senior High/Technical school where I offered Visual arts.I completed in 2011 and as I completed, there was no one to help me take the next step on the ladder, so I started with what I've get from school,.
I did T-shirt printing, pencil art (portraits),designing of signboards etc for those in need of it.
The beginning was very hard as I work in the house and has no shop but as time went on, I became known and attracted a lot of customers.
So I went on to getting my own shooting box for designing my screens for printing and that helped me a lot.
The people around me sometimes travel to Techiman, a nearby town for some other art products which I can do but do not have the equipments to do them, they are mostly market people, farmers, and the youth are mostly self employed.
I have one son who is yet to be two years, I want him to become a medical doctor but I don't know what he is going to choose when he's grown. God knows best.
When I was young I use to play football almost everyday, but now what I do most is drawing, painting in general, and it more than a hobby.
Sometimes I will just paint cartoons for my boy on my leisure times.

My Business

I work as an artist, designing signboards, T-shirts, signposts and the like for the satisfaction of the needs of the people around me.
With the production of these services, people who patronize them introduce many others to me as my service rendered to them is always affordable as they say.
Almost all of the shop owners need attention and my job has offered exactly what they have longed for, the use of appealing colors and designs attracts
others to visit me in the house for theirs
too done. I choosed this kind of job because, at the time I completed high school, there were only two art shops which seems almost inactive, and the people will have to go to Techiman and some even as far as Kumasi to get their jobs done.
Seeing this compelled me to put my talent in action, but I don't have a proper workshop as at now, so most of my works is done in the house.
In this work I buy most of my materials and I also get some free of charge as I use most of the local equipments made by myself.
And to get these things I have to travel
to Kumasi for most of the things I may need for work and yes they are expensive.
But as a matter of fact, I make a reasonable profit,
I started with a little capital so most of my profit goes back into the business.
I have reinvested my about 11 months now and I need to find a shop in town close to the people.

Loan Proposal

I will be buying Paints at $75 and also replacement of old working benches at the cost of $100.
The rest will be used for papers and other items for designs and pencil works.
By this I will be able to raise my profit by almost 80%. I use to make up to approximately 98% profit before I was hospitalized, so I'm pretty sure that atleast, 80% profit can be made.
I will once again apologize for the delays in the repayment of my previous loan as I was hospitalized.

But my come shows how committed I am with repayment but as the damage has been done already, I will do my best to raise my on time repayment status now that I'm strong enough.

I hope my application will be taken into consideration and I promise to make my lenders proud.
Thank you and may God bless each and everyone in this wonderful family






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Mar 30, 2016

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9 months



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