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Nakuru Town, Kenya


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June 2014

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About Me

My personal life description concerning my early childhood is that I was raised by my grandfather and grandmother at a very tender and young age of five years in my kindergarten school before proceeding to primary level education. When I was proceeding to primary level,my grandmother died and I continued living with my grandfather. The distance I covered every day to school was over fifteen kilometres and by the time I arrived at school, I was already tired. I did not always get a balanced diet in the meals I took in the morning and this affected my health condition. My biological parents were not in a position to provide for me a balanced diet due to their lack of resources and poverty levels . The four years that followed posed a great challenge in my life as I found myself being sent to go go back home and collect school fees or tuition fee as I was studying in the next phase of advancing in education to the post primary level which is secondary education. There were limited access to resources which led to suffering most of the time. After that I proceeded to police training college for close to a year and I began working in the civil service of Kenya for the next 18 years with no tangible results to show as a result of educating my siblings for the years I was working. Am now pursuing education in theological studies to enable me serve God well in pastoral duties and calling.

My Business

The description of my business venture is that I have my passion located in the area of farming. from my childhood years I have loved and admired farming in general. My business right now is dealing with green house farming and passion fruit farming. My initial investment in the passion fruit farming all went at a loss due to a new disease that was not detected by the relevant agencies dealing with farming in agricultural sector. Their lack of the right treatment was due to the fact that passion fruit farming was new and requires high level management. The green house farming has encountered challenges in that water for the green house has been affected by the dry season which happens during the first few months of the year. Water pump is what is required to pump water from the borehole nearby. The market is readily available because those who sell the commodity do come to the green house farm to collect. The revenue is fair to small scale farming and entrepreneur individuals . The season we are in right now is dry season and the demand for water to irrigate the tomatoes is such that it erodes the capital slowly and due to this i have decided to invest in a mini bookshop for en envelops and other stationary materials in order to assist in my studies and remain with zidisha assistance since it has done a lot of good in my life and family.

Loan Proposal

The loan will facilitate passion fruit project which is an ongoing project at advanced level before harvest period in a few months from now. The previous zidisha loan assisted to a large extend the labour works and water for irrigating the farm since it was a dry season which extended more by four months in its normal season of occurrence. The dry spell has increased the cost of farming which has necessitated additional financing to avoid massive losses. The project is worthy the investment and financial input and since we are using natural organic manure it adds value to the environment and promotes good health habits. The final proceeds from the farming goes beyond my family and extends to multiple families and society





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