Pay school fees for my children in high and primary school


Nakuru, Kenya

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March 2015

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i grew in up in silibwet that is the place i was born by middle income parents , who were doing farming which was doing so well,my parents enroll me to silibwet primary this is where i stared my education, i finished and proceeded to secondary school which i finished and passed well, after which i came home to help my parents who gladly took me to college where i studied information science upon my completion i stared searching for job but i dint succeed to get one.using my knowledge which i acquired i stared working for my church voluntarily helping in maintaining instruments which they later came up with idea of opening up a business for me.they bought one computer and install it for me in one rooms,today i have open a cyber under my own supervision,in future i want to open school for computer.

My Business

i usually prints exams to different schools in my locality and people come when they want to send their emails read,i decided to start this business since it was really hard to find a cyber near my locality which needed you to travel to other towns.the biggest challenge with this business is sometime the network is so week hence the work will not be completed at a given time bu your clients,my customers are nearby schools and the people who want to use internet. i am proud because this cyber have helped my community at the same time my family

Project Proposal

Thank you lenders once again for your continued support, you have been a wonderful people in my life, this loan I am planning to use it to pay school fees for my children in school. This will enable me to settle and concentrate on my business as the children continue with their studies uninterrupted. Thanks again for your support.






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May 29, 2024



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