Pay school fees for my son

Mwaniki Kiago

Likoni, Kenya

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Mwaniki Kiago

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March 2015

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About Me

My name is Mwaniki, born in Central region of Kenya. I was born in a big family of 7 where I am the 4th born born. I was raised in a farming community where my parents engaged in small scale farming mostly food crop for the family and coffee as the cash crop.

Like most parts of central Kenya, there is a high population pressure in the area where I was born and the parcels of land are very small which could not even produce enough food for our family consumption. My parents had to do some menial jobs in order to supplement their income for supporting the family. In spite of all these odds, they managed to take us to school up to secondary level but their financial ability could not allow them to take us further than that.

Due to land pressure, we were encouraged to look for opportunities outside our home area and that is how landed in Mombasa about 12 years ago. I came to live with a friend who invited me. Once Mombasa, got a job as a milk supplier while at the same time doing preaching jobs for my local church.

I then started my own business of selling second hand house hold items. I would normally source these items from people who were leaving Mombasa and who needed cash instead of carrying their old items with them.

I am married with 2 children aged 8 and 3 years old.

My Business

My business entails buying and selling of household items. Mombasa is a large city and it has many workers who came to work here from other parts of the country. These people normally return to where they were born upon retirement or change of work station. For this reason, they normally dispose off their bulky items such as chairs, beds etc at a cheap prices.

I buy such items and then look for suitable buyers. This business requires a lot of capital but the returns are good. In a good season, I can make about $300 per month, I use this money for my family's upkeep and also to support my extended family back home.

Loan Proposal

We are not in a new school term and I request you to help me raise school fees for my son . This will cover the remaining part of this year as he prepares to join the next grade.

This loan will free my business cash that I'd have used to pay the fees and it will be a big relief to me if my request is granted.





  • Jan V    Feb 13, 2019

    Mwaniki fully paid the loan. I loaned him again, so his son can go to school.
    Cheers, Jan, Canada.

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Classic Loan

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Sep 19, 2017

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On Time

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11 months

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Service fee: $4.16




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