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Techiman B/a, Ghana

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June 2015

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About Me

I am Fosu Stephen a Ghanaian by birth. I am parents are Mr and Mrs Fosu for the past years ago life haven't be easy for me but in all things God is in control .
After School in , I was employed by K.Gomina ENT who deals with farm tools.In this company I earn Gh100 every month.I keep on saving till I got some amount to buy one pig real it for some months and send.
I am interesting in agro business and aside that, I am also a preacher of my church (Anglican) .

My Business

As I said earlier on I am a store boy for K.Gomina ENT and also have a small pig farm to produce pigs for pork and other uses
The meat of pig is highly demand in my area,therefore has make pig farming more profitable in my area.
I decided to real pigs because they are very profitable and also it takes less period for them to produce high quantity since one pig can give birth to 12 kids.
I have now started with one which has given birth to 6 and am planning to buy two grown ups for me to be able to produce in high quantity and aslo planning to produce proper fence for them if I could atain assistance from any other source.
I am planning of becoming a big farmer in the future and this can come on if I receive help from any source,

Loan Proposal

I give great thank to this honorable team. Am in university. For this it will help to Increase my status . Nice work to you. With the help of you my life is keeps improving, and I hope in due time things will be better .thinking to be a good citizen of my country and The universe as well. Jag bless the zidisha team God, God bless my lenders.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 1, 2017

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54 months



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