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Zulfikar Zulfikar

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About Me

My name is Zulfikar, 37 years old and live in village in Singkut, Sarolangun, Jambi. I have two sons and one daughter. Both of my sons are attending secondary school while my daughter is still 3 years old.
I currently work as a rice farmer. I have a paddy farm inherited from my grandfather. My grandfather and my father used to teach me about farming and I even went to tertiary school to learn about agriculture located in Jambi.
Rice planting takes lots of effort and time. In a year, I can do harvesting around 2-3 times or once in 4 months. But sometimes I can get crop failure due to pests and drought. Therefore, I decided to get alternative options.
In front of my home yard, I grow some vegetables and produce organic fertilizer from the waste in my neighbourhood. As such, I help my society and environment simultaneously.
By utilizing waste to produce organic fertilizer, it will reduce the use of chemical fertilizer. Therefore, at the moment, I need some fund to buy waste shredder to produce the organic fertilizer into grains form.

My Business

Rice planting takes lots of efforts and time. We need sufficient knowledge, tools, patience and high quality of fertilizer in order to produce high quality rice. Also, we need lots of modern equipment, such as: tractor, harvester, rice milling in order to ease up the farmers' jobs. Yet, with an area of 1 hectare of rice farm, I can produce rice and pay up my family living expenses and my children's tuition fees.

For my rice farm, there are lots of expenses incurred such as:
1. Processing of land or soil tilling Rp 900.000
2. Seeds or Seedlings Rice Rp 350.000
3. First weeding and fertilizing Rp 480.000
4. Second weeding and fertilizing Rp 480.000
5. Pest disinfection Rp 120.000
6. Harvesting and post-harvest Rp 360,000
7. Drying paddies Rp 240.000
Total operating cost is Rp 2.930.000

Each harvest, I can get income in average of Rp 5.325.000 with net profit of Rp 2.395.000 (Rp 5.325.000 - Rp2.930.000). I also can get additional income from harvesting vegetables in my garden and producing organic fertilizer for Rp 1.000.000/month. This income is very helpful to meet the everyday needs of my family. I am also confident I can make repayments on time with my current income.

Loan Proposal

Apabila nanti saya di percaya untuk di berikan kembali pinjaman dana untuk modal usaha bertani Padi, akan saya gunakan untuk membeli peralatan seperti alat penyemprot hama, dan obat-obatan untuk pembasmi hama dan pupuk, serta keperluan lainya. semoga para pendana dapat segera membantu saya di karenakan pada bulan depan harus segera di tanami sehingga akan cepat pula masa panen Padi kembali. Terimakasih.

Salam Hormat

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About Me

My name Zulfikar, my 37-year-old man. I lived in a village, in the village; Betung river. District; Singkut. District: Sarolangun. Prov: Jambi Indonesia. I have 2 sons and a daughter and a wife who always accompany our little family, our first son, we give the name of the second son of Ibrahim and I give the name Duwi pramana senses, they keduanaya already attending secondary school First while our daughter with my third child named itri Nurlita sari she was 3 years old. Now I have a job as a gardener, especially as a farmer Farmers paddy or rice growers. The business is a business that I live for generations of my grandfather up until kesaya today. Knowledge I can from my grandfather and my father until I was deepened to a high school agriculture department in the city of Jambi, from the beginning where I continued the business of my grandfather and father to me at the moment ..
  Rice Planting of effort I can provide for my family, despite these efforts require a fairly long process that harvests One year around 2-3 times the harvest or can in say 4 months and even then if not fail due to pests and drought. For that I took the initiative to create additional jobs that home kitchen garden growing vegetables and producing organic fertilizer from the waste that is around my neighborhood ,. The extra effort that I can use to invite local people to use organic waste rather not mencemar environment. and the citizens welcomed enthusiastically call me to manage the waste. Of the need to make compost or garbage wastes can save fertilization with excessive use of chemicals. For that I mememerlukan funding that I will use to memebeli shredder waste organic waste that we shape the future in the form of fertilizer granules organk. That is some glimpse of myself and my family along with jobs and programs that will I use for my business progress.

My Business

I Zulfikar 37-year-old man, I am a Farmers Rice and organic fertilizer maker of garbage-saampah household and animal waste, the business has been running down menuraun since the beginning of my grandfather and my father to me at this moment. Almost the entire population of our village life menggantugkan of Farming Rice or rice fields, and there is also a supplement their income from raising animals such as cows or buffaloes that aims to plow their fields with the traditional way of using the buffalo or cow. Moreover, the needs of the pagan especially in Indonesia is very big so that we are in demand to produce more rice to meet the market demand is very high. Rice planting efforts proved requires patience perseverance serata sufficient capital and knowledge and is supported by the equipment so that the quality of the harvest which memedahi can say managed to do that I need some support as the seeds are guaranteed good quality and superior, require adequate fertilizer or manure so that the rapid growth of rice plants and lush. In need of a true pest exterminator ensure safe thus developing good quality rice production and undisturbed, while the pests are like rat, planthoppers etc. In need of some modern equipment such as tractors, harvesters, and rice milling so that helped ease the work of the farmers.
     From the results of planting rice farms with an area of ​​approximately 1 ha I can meet my family needs such as school children, daily necessities as well as some other needs. While capital to menamam one crop of rice in the land that I have is as follows:
1. Processing of land or soil tilling 900,000 IDR
2. Seeds or Seedlings Rice 350,000 IDR
3. weeding and fertilizing First 480,000 IDR
4. The second weeding and fertilizing 480,000 IDR
5. Spraying Pest 120,000 IDR
6. Harvest and post-harvest 360,000 IDR
7. The cost of drying paddy 240,000 IDR
Total Operating Costs 2,930,000 IDR
While the results I get from the land which I have for each harvest an average of 5,325,000 IDR So the profit that I get every time the harvest is 5,325,000 IDR - 2,930,000 IDR = 2,395,000 IDR. that the results I get from planting rice every 3 months and additional results from vegetables and fertilizer manufacture about 1.5 million IDR per month and this can help additional purposes other necessities of life. And I'm sure what I was given a loan if I could pay with exact,

When will I be given a loan would I Use for:
1. Buying yielding rice seeds that yield maximum.
2. Buying pesticides.
3. Buying fertilizer.
4. To buy rice harvest equipment
5. Machine plowman or tractor.
6. rice pest spraying equipment.
That's some of the needs that will be when I'm in trust for the fund will lend me guanakan appropriately to meet the needs in the rice farming. Somoga entry will I get good response. I would like to express my gratitude.


Loan Proposal

Apabila nanti saya di percaya untuk di berikan kembali pinjaman dana untuk modal usaha bertani Padi, akan saya gunakan untuk membeli peralatan seperti alat penyemprot hama, dan obat-obatan untuk pembasmi hama dan pupuk, serta keperluan lainya. semoga para pendana dapat segera membantu saya di karenakan pada bulan depan harus segera di tanami sehingga akan cepat pula masa panen Padi kembali. Terimakasih.

Salam Hormat






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